IIT Kanpur to help boost cyber security paraphernalia

Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: An agreement has been signed between IIT Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh and the Indian Army. IIT Kanpur will prove to be helpful in strengthening the cyber security structure of the army.

An MoU was signed  between representatives of IIT Kanpur and military officers of the Central Command. Lieutenant General Mukesh Chadha of the Central Command and Professor Tarun Gupta, Dean of IIT Kanpur signed this MoU at the Central Command in the presence of Professor Sandeep Shukla, Project Director of IIT Kanpur. Major General Shabih Haider Naqvi, Colonel Hiren Bora, Colonel Sajal Thapa and Lieutenant Colonel Vaibhav Apte and Ajay K Mishra, Chief Financial Officer of C3iHub, IIT Kanpur, among others were present on this occasion.

New doors will open in the field of technology

This MoU is aimed at enhancing cyber security for military applications under the Indian Army’s theme Technology ‘Absorption 2024-25’ and is aimed at cyberproofing indigenously developed and data-sensitive software at Headquarters Central Command. IIT Kanpur Director Professor Manindra Agarwal said that this MoU focuses on creating a comprehensive cyber defense strategy. Which includes active threat detection, real-time response mechanism and development of secure software architecture.

Professor Sandeep Shukla, Project Director, IIT Kanpur said that this will also open new doors for students starting new startups in high-tech areas. This MoU will set the stage for future collaboration in other advanced technology areas including Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing, encryption and drone technology.


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