Noida Film City plan starts taking shape

Noida Film City

Greater Noida: The distance of the film city from the airport under construction in Jewar will be only three and a half km. Although the entire film city will be set up in 1000 acres, but in the first phase, construction work will be done on 230 acres of land. For this, the Yamuna Authority has signed a concession agreement  with Boney Kapoor’s company Bayview Project and the consortium of Bhutani Group. There will be 7 different zones in the film city in an area of ​​230 acres.

It will be developed according to different categories. That is, the film city will be a great project not only for shooting films but also for people to roam. Where you will also be able to plan to go for a walk with friends and family. The sets for shooting films will also be made in such a way that there will be space reserved for common people to stand and watch.

What will be in which zone

Zone-1 will be set up in 10 acres. This will be the center location of the film city. In which the signature tower will be built. There will be an eco cinema center. There will be a market for equipment related to films. The film city will have its head office, marketing and PR building.

Zone-2 will be built in 60 acres. Units related to film production and studio will be established in it. Which will have open structure studio, sound stage, outdoor set, film academy, research library etc.

Zone-3 will be established in 20 acres. In which apart from residential, there will be guest house, hotel, health center etc.

Zone-4 will be established in 15 acres. It will have industrial units making various types of goods and equipment etc. for the film industry.

Zone-5 will be established in 35 acres. In which there will be a lot for entertainment. In which visitors will keep coming.

Zone-6 will be established in 20 acres. Film University will be established in it.

Zone-7 will be built in 70 acres, which will be a commercial area. Apart from hotels, service apartments, there will be malls, shopping centers, IT buildings etc.

Yamuna Authority will also get revenue

For the last two and a half years, Yamuna Authority was continuously trying to establish the Film City project. Applications did not come as expected in the three times of global tender. Then for the fourth time, a decision was taken to establish the film city phase wise. In which a tender for 230 acres of land was issued. This land has been given by Yamuna Authority to the concerned company on a lease of 90 years.

The land has been given free of cost for now, in which the concerned company has to spend at least 1510 crores to build the infrastructure. At the same time, whatever revenue will be generated from the film city after 8 years, 18 percent of it will be given to Yamuna Authority under sharing. At the same time, the ownership of the land will remain with Yamuna Authority.

The image of the state will change, creativity will increase

With the establishment of this project, the image of UP will change not only in the country but also abroad and creativity will be promoted in the state. Mumbai is very far from UP, many talented people want to work in this industry but are unable to go there, they will get a chance to improve themselves here. In terms of connectivity, this is considered to be the film city to be established at the best location in the country.


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