Heat to cross unbearable limits in coming times


Kanpur: The heat in the country has now started showing its fierce form. However, people have got relief from unseasonal rains in some states. But this relief is not for long. There is a possibility of severe heat in Nautapa starting from the month of May. This information was given by Dr. SN Sunil Pandey, Meteorologist of Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur.

He said that the Meteorological Department of CSA has started a comparative study by looking at the temperature, heat and weather conditions on the basis of Hindi dates and constellations. In this study, when the weather was matched with Hindi dates, it was found that it can help in making accurate forecasts.

Dr. Pandey said that the heat in the country has now started showing its fierce form, people have got relief from unseasonal rains in some states, but this relief is not for long. Nautapa will start in the month of May.

The meteorologist told that during this nine-day period, the distance between the Sun and the Earth will be reduced considerably and due to this the heat of the Sun God will be felt a lot.

Dr. Pandey said that on May 25, 2024 at 3:15 pm, the Sun will enter the Rohini constellation, after which there will be Nautapa. Along with this, on June 8, 2024, the Sun God will remain in the Rohini constellation for 1:04 minutes. On June 8, the Sun God will enter the Mrigasira constellation and on June 15, he will enter Gemini.

The lord of Rohini constellation is Chandra Dev, who is the factor of coolness, but at this time he comes under the influence of the Sun, when the Sun comes in the Rohini constellation for 15 days, then the first nine days out of those fifteen days are the hottest. These first nine days are known as Nautapa. Nautapa is considered to be a sign of extreme heat in the summer season of Jyeshtha month. Nautapa lasts from Ardra Nakshatra to 9 Nakshatras of Shukla Paksha i.e. for 9 days.

The meteorologist said that it is not necessary that there will be excessive heat in Nautapa, Ardra Nakshatra is there till 10 Nakshatras of Ardra, in which there is maximum heat, the latter is the Nakshatra in which the Sun stays for 15 days and there is good rain. Nautapa will also start from Rohini Nakshatra, there is a possibility of thunderstorm and rain with strong winds in Nautapa. The planetary position at the time of Nautapa is indicating strong winds, tornado and rain. This time Nautapa will start from 25 May and will last till 2 June.

Due to Nautapa, the infection will decrease, the mortality rate due to infection will be low and the effect of infection will be minimal. The atmosphere of fear spread in the country will end. People’s happiness and health will also increase. If all the days of Nautapa are hot, then it is a sign of good rain.


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