Gorakhpur bears a saffron hue

Gorakhpur: This time four hundred crossed the roads in the busiest three kilometer radius of Gorakhpur metropolis, once again saffron wave surged amidst the loud slogans of Modi government. Amidst the tunes of drums, band baja, damru, trumpet, the echo of the slogans going from ground to the ears in the name of Lord Shri Ram, PM Modi, CM Yogi (CM Yogi) created such an atmosphere that in discussions, the result of Gorakhpur Lok Sabha elections seemed to be going in one direction only.

The occasion was a grand road show led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) in favor of Gorakhpur MP and BJP candidate Ravi Kishan. The huge crowd gathered in the road show once again established the fact that in Gorakhpur, Yogi naam kevalam. Huge crowd full of enthusiasm in front and behind and CM Yogi riding on a chariot in the middle. Flowers showered all the way and Yogi accepting greetings by showing the lotus symbol in his familiar style. There was such enthusiasm and passion in the entire road show as if it would be the celebration of a huge victory.

After holding four public meetings for the party candidates in Kushinagar, Salempur, Gorakhpur and Bansgaon Lok Sabha constituencies, CM Yogi arrived in Gorakhpur metropolis in the evening to hold a road show. The road show started from Town Hall Tiraha at around 5:30 pm under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) and concluded at Vijay Chowk.

The road show began with the sound of conch shells by 51 Veda-reading students. The nearly three-kilometer-long grand road show was warmly welcomed by people from various business and cultural organizations and common citizens by showering flowers at 41 places. Desi folk also remained the center of attraction with Faruwahi folk dance. The crowd was such that there was no place to stand anywhere.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) riding on the Vijay Rath and with him MP-candidate Ravi Kishan and Mayor Dr. Manglesh Srivastava kept getting drenched with flowers of faith, devotion and trust all the way. The CM, emotional with this faith of the people, kept accepting everyone’s greetings with folded hands, smiling, making victory signs with his fingers, showering flowers on the public from his side.

The route of the road show was covered with flowers

The situation of the shower of flowers was such that wherever the road show proceeded, the road was covered with flowers. There was no house or shop left on the entire route from where there was no rain of rose and marigold petals. From a three-year-old child to a 90-year-old man, everyone kept showering flowers on the victory chariot of the CM (CM Yogi). At many places, groups of women also performed the aarti of CM Yogi. During the road show, amid immense enthusiasm, nothing else could be heard amidst the chants of Jai Shri Ram, those who have brought Ram – we will bring them, one slogan, one name, Modi-Yogi Jai Shri Ram, only Ram devotees will rule on the throne of Delhi, once again Modi government, this time four hundred crosses, a mission of Gorakhpur, Ravi Kishan – Ravi Kishan. At various places, the presentations of the artists of the cultural troupe and tableaus presented a beautiful view of welcoming the road show.

The city turned saffron

The city turned saffron during the road show of CM Yogi. From Town Hall to Vijay Chowk, wherever you looked, you could see saffron. People had saffron caps on their heads, turbans and saffron or BJP flags in their hands. In the road show, some were completely dressed in saffron clothes, while others were moving forward with saffron sashes around their necks, dancing and shouting slogans. On the other hand, during the entire road show, people were desperate to get a glimpse of CM Modi. People gathered on the roofs of the houses on the way and were delighted to see Yogi and shower flowers on him. The road of the road show was filled with saffron, BJP flags and saffron balloons.

There was heavy participation of the minority community as well

All the equations of religion and caste were seen shattered in the road show of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. While people of all castes thronged the road show of Yogi, who runs on a non-discriminatory policy, there was a large participation of people from the minority community as well. On the way, people from the Muslim community welcomed the CM’s road show by showering flowers from their homes and shops. From the rooftops of their houses, many Muslim women preserved this memorable road show of CM Yogi through videos and pictures in their mobile phones.

The crowd that participated in the road show was well received

The crowd that gathered in the road show of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) was also well received throughout the way. People were spontaneously given cold drinking water, sweets, biscuits and cold drinks from the houses and shops on the way. CM Yogi praised this spirit of service of the people with folded hands.

This was the route of the road show

Town Hall, Ghosh Company, Maya Bazaar, Reti Chowk, Nakhas Chowk, Bakshipur Chowk, Vijay Chowk via Aryanagar.

Prominent people present were BJP State Vice President Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Metropolitan President Rajesh Gupta, Ravi Kishan’s wife Preeti Shukla, daughter Reeva Kishan, former Mayor Dr. Satya Pandey etc.


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