Rising above caste, development is the key driver – AK Sharma

AK Sharma

Mau: The energetic cabinet minister of the state government AK Sharma (Arvind Sharma) held 8 Jan Chaupals in Madhuban assembly constituency under Ghosi Lok Sabha on the 9th day of his Mau stay. Addressing the workers and the public, he said that the double engine government is not only a symbol of the development of the country but also the happiness and prosperity of the citizens. Modi in the country and Yogi in the state have given security and respect to crores of people and have taken them forward on the path of development with heritage.

He (AK Sharma) said that we have to make a BJP government once again in the country and make Modi  the Prime Minister for the third time for the future of our coming generation without falling into the confusion spread by caste and opposition parties. During the Jan Chaupal, the public told him that they are getting free food, housing, Ayushman and toilet. Some said that their form has been filled, soon they will also get the benefit. At the same time, the alliance candidate from Ghosi Lok Sabha seat, Dr. Anil Rajbhar, has to be made to win with a huge majority by pressing the button of the stick symbol.

Minister  Sharma (AK Sharma) said that the schemes of the Modi government in the country have benefited people of every class, every religion and every caste and have increased their level of happiness and prosperity. At the same time, the security policy and good governance of the Yogi government in the state have worked to send the benefits of all the schemes directly to the beneficiaries. He said that the money for Kisan Samman Nidhi, scholarship now comes directly to the beneficiaries’ account. The shops of brokers from the country and the state have now been closed. He said that these are the same brokers who used to embezzle 85 percent of the money received from the Center during the rule of Congress and SP. The beneficiary had to run around for months for that 15 percent. Modi ji got everyone’s Jan Dhan account opened and sent the money of the scheme directly to the account. You must have seen that Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra was also started to provide benefits of other schemes like housing, toilets, Ayushman, which went from village to village to provide benefits of schemes to crores of people or ensured their eligibility.

He (AK Sharma) said that Modi government gave free ration to 80 crore people and has announced to give it for further 5 years. Gave 4 crore houses and has announced to give 3 crore more in future. Gave more than 12 crore toilets, provided free treatment up to 5 lakhs to crores of people by giving the benefit of Ayushman. In this manifesto, a campaign has been started to make all the people of income group above 70 years eligible for it. He said that by constructing the grand temple of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya and Baba Vishwanath Corridor in Banaras, on one hand, the work of protecting the heritage and faith of Sanatan Dharma has been done. Along with the country, by establishing highways, airports, trains, modern railway stations, bus stations, industrial complexes in the Purvanchal region of the state, the backward region has been pushed forward on the path of development and means of employment have also been facilitated.

During the Jan Chaupal in Madhuban, he (AK Sharma) said that 51.50 crores have been given for drainage. Electricity arrangements are being further improved. Approval has been received for the construction of a bus stand. 80 lakhs have been approved for the Shamsan road of Dohrighat. 4 crores have come for Dohrighat, Gotha-Parsara road is being built, Nagar Panchayat Bhawan, bus stand is being built. He said that there is no shortage of money. Just keep sending information about the needs of your area. He said that work will soon be done to free you from the losses caused by flood erosion. Primary health facilities will be upgraded in Madhuban. The road from Madhuban to Dohrighat and the hospital in Dubhari will be built soon. He said that in the double engine government, no work, big or small, is going to stop. So this time you have to press the button of the alliance party’s election symbol ‘stick’ on the Ghosi Lok Sabha seat and send Dr. Arvind Rajbhar to the country’s parliament and take direct benefit of all the government schemes. He said that if he misses out on something, then Arvind Sharma (AK Sharma) will complete that work for you.

Minister Mr. Sharma (AK Sharma) said that we all know that Modi ji is going to become the Prime Minister of this country again. There is no doubt about this, that is why sometimes we become overconfident and do not go to vote on the day of voting. We do not have to do this this time, on the day of voting, we have to leave all the work and first exercise our right to vote and ensure 100% voting and make Arvind Rajbhar win with a huge margin. He said that every single vote of yours is going to go not only to Arvind Rajbhar, but also to Arvind Sharma and Narendra Modi. Therefore, by getting maximum number of people to vote, every booth of Dhosi Lok Sabha should be made a booth with 100% voting.

The state government has given instructions to maintain uninterrupted power supply.

Block Pramukh Praveen Kunwar Singh ‘Shambhu’, former State Minister Utpal Rai, former MLA Umesh Chandra Pandey, former District President Praveen Gupta, senior BJP leader Rashtra Kunwar Singh, former District President Durgvijay Rai, Mandal President- Nitesh Tiwari, Manisha Sharma, Shankar Gupta former Chairman Madhuban, Vinay Kumar Jaiswal Chairman Dohrighat, Vinod Tiwari State Vice President Subhaspa, Alok Singh, Ashutosh Singh, Ram Prakash Rai, Brijendra Pandey Mandal President, Ravikant Upadhyay Manager, Krishnakant Upadhyay, Umesh Chandra Pandey former MLA and Pawan Rai, Umesh Chandra Pandey former MLA, Surendra Rai Booth President, Sanjay Rai, workers and workers were present in the Janchaupal. Local citizens were present.


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