India cannot be pushed back to the Aurungzeb era – CM Yogi

Gorakhpur: Strengthening his cordial relationship with the huge crowd gathered in the scorching afternoon, CM Yogi said that we are part of your own family. He assured everyone that the sweat you are shedding for BJP and Modi ji today, we will return its debt in the form of overall development.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) continued his attack on the Congress, SP and the Indy alliance during the Lok Sabha election campaign and said that while the Bharatiya Janata Party is working for development, poor welfare, making the country self-reliant and developed under the leadership of Modi, the SP and Congress are hatching a nefarious conspiracy to divide India.

Chief Minister Yogi (CM Yogi) said that their manifesto says that if they get an opportunity, these parties will betray the country, deceive the country. Without naming Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, he said that the country has seen that whenever the pair of two boys met, disaster happened.

CM Yogi (CM Yogi) was addressing the huge crowd gathered in a public meeting organized in Sahjanwa in favor of Gorakhpur Lok Sabha constituency MP and candidate Ravi Kishan Shukla.

In his address, he fiercely targeted the current BJP government, the previous Congress government at the center and the previous SP government in UP. He said that when there was a Congress government at the center and a SP government in UP, there was a terrorist attack on the Ram temple in Ayodhya and the Sankatmochan temple in Kashi. Today these people again want to destroy the social fabric of the country with the same intention. The intention of Congress-SP is to implement personal law.

CM Yogi said that implementing personal law means Talibani rule. These people want to re-implement the evil practice of triple talaq which was abolished in the Modi government. If personal law is implemented, daughters will not be able to go to school, women will not be able to go to the market or office. They will have to hide in the house wearing a burqa. The Chief Minister said that the BJP is declaring that this country will run only by the Constitution made by Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. We will not let the country run by Shariat.

We will not let any Aurangzeb be born in the country again.

CM Yogi said that the intention of the Indian alliance i.e. Congress and SP is to impose inheritance tax. This is in a way the same Jaziya tax which was imposed by the cruel Mughal emperor Aurangzeb on Hindus. Aurangzeb was such a cruel ruler that he killed his brother, put his father in jail and made him yearn for every drop of water. Anyone can go to Patna Library and see the documents of the story of Aurangzeb’s cruelty.

The CM said that Aurangzeb’s father Shah Jahan had said that no one should have a son like Aurangzeb. He made his father yearn for water while he was alive. Hindus are better than him who not only take care of their parents while they are alive, but also give them respect after their death by performing Shraddha and Tarpan. This cruel Aurangzeb had imposed Jaziya tax. Those Hindus who did not accept the Muslim religion had to pay Jaziya tax. The Chief Minister said that no Aurangzeb should be allowed to be born in India again. The people of the country have to come together and foil the conspiracy of Congress and SP.

If Modi is chosen, there is a guarantee of development, poor welfare, security, respect

CM Yogi said that when the people of the country chose Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, big development works were done. Everyone got security. Everyone got respect. The respect of the country increased in the world. Everyone got the benefit of poor welfare schemes without any discrimination. While respecting faith along with the preservation of heritage, the temple of Lord Shri Ram was also built in Ayodhya. All this happened only because of the votes of the people. If the vote was cast at the right place, terrorism and Naxalism ended from the country. Whereas if the wrong vote was cast, there is a threat to terrorist explosions and security in the country. The election of Modi is a guarantee of development, poor welfare, security and respect.

The intelligence of those who call Ram temple useless is useless

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while mentioning the construction of Lord Shri Ram’s temple in Ayodhya and the enshrinement of Ram Lalla, said that in today’s Ayodhya it seems as if Lord Ram is sitting in person and showering blessings. The construction of the temple happened under the leadership of Modi ji, but all of you are the partners of this virtue, who handed over the power to Modi-Yogi. The CM said that the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya has become a means of improving the world as well as the afterlife. You will be able to tell your present and future generations that we saw the temple being built. Not only this, when you will be in front of your ancestors in the afterlife, you will be able to say that look, we have fulfilled your resolutions by building the temple.

The soul of Aurangzeb has entered the Congress: Yogi Adityanath

CM Yogi said that for five hundred years, only one slogan was raised – Ramlala hum aayenge, mandir wahin banayenge. Three and a half lakh Hindus sacrificed their lives in the temple movement. After independence, Congress, SP and BSP created obstacles in the way of the temple. And, today when the temple has been built, they are talking nonsense. Some say that the temple has been built uselessly, while others say that the temple should not have been built inside India. The temple has not been built uselessly, but the intellect of those who call the temple useless has become useless, that is why they are raising questions on the construction of the temple. Shri Ram is the Supreme Father God. That is why the people of the country say that whoever is not of Ram is of no use to us. He said that all of you are partners in the virtue of Ramlala being enthroned. The new abode of Ayodhya seems to be in a position to take us back to Treta Yuga once again.

The Chief Minister, while mentioning the grandeur of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya and Vishwanath Dham in Kashi, underlined the changes in Gorakhpur and said that along with Ayodhya and Kashi, newness is also being seen in Gorakhpur and Sahjanwa. Four-lane roads, overbridges, new factories, stadiums and Atal Residential School for free education of the children of poor and workers have been built in Sahjanwa, while AIIMS and fertilizer factory have been built in Gorakhpur. The CM said, what do you not have. He said that in the coming time, Atal Residential Schools will be opened at the block level for excellent education of the poor, children of workers and destitute children.

The country is yours, the decision is also yours

CM Yogi appealed to the people present to do public relations for the next two days and vote in favor of BJP and said that this country is yours. The election is yours and the vote is also yours. You have to decide about the future as well. To make your and the country’s future safe and bright, to make India self-reliant and developed, to realize the concept of Ramrajya, you have to vote for BJP and make Narendra Modi the PM for the third time. Appealing to make Ravi Kishan win with a huge majority, he said that if you press the EVM button on the lotus symbol, that vote will go directly to Modi-Yogi.

On this occasion, MP and candidate Ravi Kishan Shukla, BJP District President Yudhishthir Singh, Sahajanwa MLA Pradeep Shukla, former MLA Brijesh Singh, Bechan Ram, GM Singh, senior leader Ashwani Tripathi, Ramesh Singh, Dr. RD Tripathi, Narendra Shukla, Surendra Singh Solanki, Udaybhan Singh, Rampal Singh, Madan Murari Gupta, Satyavrat Tripathi, Block Pramukh Shashi Prakash Singh etc. were also prominently present.


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