Golgappa in White House is the new cool

New Delhi: Talking about street food of India, Golgappa is very much liked in many parts of the country. In India it is also known as Panipuri and Puchka. At present, it is liked a lot not only in India but also abroad. Street food Golgappa has also entered the White House of America. Golgappa is being served to the guests here.

It has been served at least twice in the last year. Recently, President Joe Biden hosted a Rose Garden reception. Golgappa was also served during this time. This program included Asian-Americans and many Indian-Americans. Till now only samosas were served in the White House, but now Golgappa has also entered here.

Community leader Ajay Jain Bhutoria said that last year when I was here, Panipuri was served here. This year also I was looking for Panipuri here, when suddenly a server brought Panipuri. It was very amazing. Its swat was very spicy and tangy. Fabulous

Bhutoria met White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford and asked her about Golgappa. He told that I asked him whether you make Golgappa at your home? He said yes, we make everything in the White House.

Golgappa is being liked a lot in America for the last few years. Bhutoria further said that American leaders have visited India several times. I am sure that the leaders of India would definitely ask their counterparts to try Golgappa among all the street foods. It was only after tasting Golgappa that it was brought to the White House. He told that now it can be seen in many places here also.


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