Golden period of India on under Modi rule – AK Sharma

Mau: State Urban Development and Energy Minister AK Sharma reached Mau on his one-day visit. Where he held a meeting with district level workers. Participated as chief guest in the civic felicitation ceremony and enlightened public dialogue program. Minister AK Sharma said that the golden period of independent India is going on under Modi’s rule. Every class is being given the benefit of all facilities without considering caste and religion.

The wheel of development is running fast in the country under the leadership of Modi since 2014 and in the state since 2017 under the leadership of Yogi. He said that in this financial year itself, Rs 100 crore has been given from the Urban Development Department for the development of Mau, whereas in the last three years, work has been done for the development of Mau at a cost of more than Rs 3000 crore, which is more than the amount spent in the last 30 years. I did not take place.

AK Sharma first welcomed the officials and workers of SubhaSP in the meeting with the district level workers. He said that this time the resolution given by National President Nadda, Prime Minister, State President Bhupendra Chaudhary and Yogi for the Lok Sabha will exceed 400, we will have to fulfill it with our allies. We will get the support of our allies on 370 seats for BJP and on other seats. He said that all our candidates who are contesting the elections will also get a lot of support from the allies because people from their community and their workers also reside there. Subhashpa is an important ally of NDA.

The resolve of the Bharatiya Janata Party will be fulfilled only when our allies are with us. Our organizational structure will become strong only when we reach every village, every booth, power center. And in making this possible, there will be great support from our allies. He said that all the meetings at the district level and divisional level should be held with the support of our allies. BJP and allies will have to inspire and complement each other. So that we can fulfill our resolution. He said that we have to unanimously win the Ghosi Lok Sabha seat and send it to the Lok Sabha and extend our support in making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time. We will have to jointly go to our voters and tell them about our schemes and their benefits.

AK Sharma participated as the chief guest in the civic felicitation ceremony. Where senior citizens and distinguished guests honored him by garlanding him and giving mementos. AK Sharma said that Emperor Ashoka is present in the soul of India. The most powerful governance system in the country was during the time of Emperor Ashoka. That is why the word great has been used for the first time for Emperor Ashoka. The discussion about his governance system is still remembered. He said that Emperor Ashoka came as the third descendant of the governance system established by Chandragupta Maurya. Chanakya had a huge contribution in establishing the Maurya Empire. Both were complementary to each other.

AK Sharma said that after Emperor Ashoka, India has once again had a period of strong governance under the leadership of Modi, a golden period has arrived. He said that the similarity between BJP’s rule and the reign of Emperor Ashoka is the establishment of religion along with governance. BJP says, maintaining social order while walking on the right path is the definition of strong governance. He said that the BJP is following the path of establishing a strong rule established by Emperor Ashoka with its governance system. And Modi is working to take the country forward based on the education he has given. He said that today’s governance system is running well and the golden age of independent India is going on under the governance of Narendra Modi. AK Sharma said that under Modi’s rule, people of every section and every community of the country are getting all the facilities. To continue the golden age of the country, we have to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time.

Sharma said that you yourself must have seen what arrangements were there in Mau. There was so much criminalization, there was no employment, neither the honor of sisters and daughters was safe, neither your land nor your house was safe. But the country under the leadership of Modi since 2014 and Mau under the leadership of Yogi since 2017 is also continuously moving towards development. He said that in Mau itself, an amount of more than Rs 100 crore has been given from the Urban Development Department in this financial year. In the last 03 years, development works worth Rs 3000 crore have been done. This has been given in just three years which would not have happened even in the last 30 years. He said that the wheel of development will rotate in every corner of Mau.

Prime Minister roared at the opposition on Krantidhra, said – ‘Modi’ is not going to bow down against corruption While addressing the workers and local people present in the Prabuddh Jan Samvad program, Minister Shri Sharma (AK Sharma) said that while reminding the BJP of its resolution of crossing 400, we have to unite and make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time. He said that work has been done to upgrade the medical system during the Corona period. The work of widening the railway overbridge and Shaheed Tirahe will also start soon in this assembly. Beautification work is going on in Tamsa river with an amount of about Rs. 2 crores, while there is a problem of drain for which Rs. 2.25 crores have been sanctioned, the first installment of which is about Rs. 40 lakhs has been given to the Nagar Panchayat. funerals here The construction work of the site will also be done soon. During the program, a large number of BJP workers and local citizens including District President Arun Rai, former minister Ram Sonkar, former BJP candidate Poonam Saroj, Dr. Praveen Madheshiya, Umesh Saroj, Lal Verma were present.


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