PM Modi connects with his constituency virtually

PM Modi

Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) had a live virtual conversation with BJP workers of all five assemblies in the tiffin meeting organized at 660 polling stations of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi on Sunday evening. Prime Minister Modi took information from the selected workers of the five assemblies about the election preparations and the changes in the lives of the people brought about by the schemes of the Central Government and encouraged the workers fiercely.

The Prime Minister (PM Modi) told the workers that you will work as the charioteer of the chariot of developed India. I assure you to work harder than you will. The Prime Minister asked the women workers to go among the women of Kashi and tell them about the public welfare programs of the government.

Contact the tourists coming to Kashi and inform them about the works of the government. When tourists return from Kashi to villages and cities, they will tell the people there about the work of BJP.

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Giving the mantra to the workers to win more than 400 seats, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the party organization is doing very good work on the grass roots. He started his address in Bhojpuri language by declaring Har-Har Mahadev. He said that earlier I used to say that Mother Ganga has called me. Now I say that Mother Ganga has adopted me.

Infusing enthusiasm among the workers, the Prime Minister (PM Modi) said that like you people, we are workers of Banaras. When we were in Banaras Oil, we told them ten years ago that you people should become our MPs. In ten years, Banaras became our Banarasi city.

This time the responsibility of making us MPs and giving four hundred seats to BJP is on you. That’s why today we came among you with our tiffin. It was told that the Tiffin meeting was attended by public representatives, party officials along with booth level workers.


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