French FM reveals casualties in Russia Ukraine war

French FM

Paris: France’s Foreign Minister, Stephane Sejourne, revealed in an interview that approximately 150,000 Russian soldiers have lost their lives in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. According to Sejourne, the total number of Russian casualties, including those wounded, stands at around 500,000. These estimates underscore the significant toll of Moscow’s invasion, now in its third year.

Expressing solidarity with Ukraine, Sejourne emphasized the unity and determination of Europe and its allies. He questioned the purpose of Russia’s military aggression, stating that the immense losses suffered by Russian forces boil down to achieving nothing substantial.

While Russia has not disclosed official casualty figures, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky previously stated that 180,000 Russian troops had perished in the conflict. Additionally, Britain estimates that approximately 450,000 Russian soldiers have been either killed or wounded in Ukraine.

Independent sources, including the BBC and Mediazona, reported more than 50,000 Russian military fatalities. This conflict, which began with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration of a “special military operation” in February 2022, has escalated into a protracted and deadly confrontation, further isolating Russia from the international community.

Concerns mount as some military analysts speculate on the possibility of Russia launching a fresh offensive in Ukraine. Meanwhile, discussions surrounding frozen Russian assets in the European Union continue, with Sejourne suggesting that these funds could potentially be used to support Ukraine’s defense and reconstruction efforts. Novaya Gazeta Europe, where Sejourne’s interview was published, was established by journalists from Russia’s Novaya Gazeta following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine, now entering its third year, has inflicted heavy casualties on both sides. While estimates vary, it’s clear that the toll on Russian forces has been significant. France’s estimation of 150,000 Russian soldiers killed underscores the human cost of Moscow’s military intervention.

Despite the lack of official figures from Russia, various sources, including Ukrainian President Zelensky and independent media outlets, paint a grim picture of the losses suffered by Russian troops. The discrepancy in casualty estimates highlights the fog of war surrounding the conflict.

As the situation in Ukraine remains tense, there are concerns about the potential for further escalations. With talk of a possible new offensive by Russia, the prospect of more bloodshed looms large.

Meanwhile, discussions about frozen Russian assets in the European Union add another dimension to the conflict. France’s suggestion that these funds could be redirected to support Ukraine’s defense and reconstruction efforts reflects the ongoing efforts to bolster the country’s resilience against Russian aggression.

The conflict in Ukraine continues to test the resolve of European nations and their allies. As the toll of war mounts, the international community faces the challenge of finding a resolution to the crisis while ensuring justice for the victims and stability for the region.


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