For India to get UNSC membership work hard – S Jaishankar

UNSC, s jaishankar

Rajkot: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has expressed hope that India will get permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council. The minister said this is inevitable, but he also called for more efforts in this regard. Addressing intellectuals in Rajkot, Jaishankar said that hard work is necessary to achieve a prestigious position in the world peace body. Currently, Russia, China, France, the United States and the United Kingdom are the five permanent members of the Security Council. Jaishankar said the international momentum is now in favor of India’s claim for a permanent seat.

The United Nations was formed almost 80 years ago, and these five countries decided among themselves to become permanent members of its Security Council. He said that underlining the evolving global scenario with around 193 countries today, five countries have achieved permanent membership. But these five countries have maintained their control. It’s strange that you have to ask them to give us their consent for the change. Jaishankar said that some agree, some others present their views honestly, while others do something from behind.

The Minister talked about collaborative proposals involving India, Japan, Germany and Egypt that have been submitted to the United Nations, indicating progress. But now there is a feeling across the world that there should be a change in this and India should get a permanent seat. I see this sentiment increasing every year. We will definitely get it. But nothing big is achieved without hard work.

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