EU gears up to crack the whip on Russia

European Union

Brussels: The European Union is preparing for the 14th round of sanctions against Russia for waging a full-scale war against Ukraine. A senior official of the organization gave this information.

The senior EU official said the new sanctions package includes punitive measures on individuals and organizations that assist efforts to circumvent existing EU sanctions on Russia.

An EU diplomat said punitive measures should consider oil tankers or “dark fleets” that transport Russian oil despite existing sanctions to hinder it.

New individuals and organizations will be subject to a freeze on their assets in the bloc, according to diplomats. The European Commission is to present a proposal for sanctions in the coming weeks.

The 13th package of sanctions on Russia was adopted in February on the second anniversary of the war against Ukraine and targets 106 individuals and 88 organizations. This includes individuals involved in North Korea’s arms supplies to Russia and the North Korean Defense Minister.

Several rounds of EU sanctions have been imposed on Russia, targeting various sections of the economy that contributed to Russia’s war against Ukraine. These included import bans on crude oil, coal, steel, gold and luxury goods. -Also includes punitive measures against banks and other financial institutions.

In addition, trade restrictions were imposed on so-called “dual-use goods” that could contribute to the technological development of the Russian defense and security sector. Military for Ukraine Plans are underway to use a large portion of the profits from freezing Russian central bank money in the EU to buy equipment.


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