During Nautapa, Lord Rama’s rituals keep him cool


Ayodhya: It’s raining fireballs in Ramnagri Ayodhya. The temperature has reached above 42 degrees. People are troubled and disturbed by the scorching sun and severe heat, the daily routine of the God seated in the temples of Ramnagari has also changed. The Raag-Bhog of the child avatar of Lord Rama seated in the Rama temple has been changed. To provide relief from the heat, while he is being dressed in cotton clothes, cold items, curd and fruit juice are being given in the Bhog and Aarti is being done.

Earlier, Aarti was performed with lamps in the morning, now Aarti is performed by spreading flowers all around in a silver plate. Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of Ramlala, said that AC has been installed in the sanctum sanctorum to protect from the heat.


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