Don’t get misled, vote for change says Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi

Roorkee: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra addressed a rally in Uttarakhand, in which she asked people not to get misled and vote for change in the Lok Sabha elections. In her speech, she gave the example of Lord Ram and said that serving the country from generation to generation is not called familialism. She also said that if one is martyred, the other stands up, this is called patriotism, Prime Minister Modi will not understand this.

Addressing a public meeting in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, Priyanka said, ‘I want to ask him, what did Lord Ram do, why should he be called Maryada Purushottam, because he maintained the dignity of his family. Fought for the principles of his family, fought for the dignity of his family, protected his clan and only then did he protect his country. Protected his people and his subjects. This is an old Hindu tradition, this is the tradition of our religion. This is not called running a fiefdom, it is called service.

‘When one is martyred, the other rises up’

He further said, ‘Who serves this country from generation to generation. This is called patriotism when one is martyred and the other stands up. And if the second one is martyred, the third one stands up. And if the third is martyred then the fourth will stand. We don’t need anything from you, you have given a lot. You have given so much that ten generations cannot repay. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want us, we will still serve, we will not ask. We will do as much as we can.

‘Modi ji will not understand, you will definitely understand’

Priyanka further said, ‘There is a true faith, there is a true devotion, Modi ji will not understand this but you will understand, because you have sent your sons to the border. Therefore you will understand, your sons are sons of Kumaon Regiment, Garhwal Regiment, they are ready to be martyred for this country. Generation after generation have been martyred for this country, so you can understand this feeling, Modiji cannot. He has not sacrificed anything for this country. You have made sacrifices for the soil of this country. You can understand what a family sacrifices for this country, gets martyred for this country, what it means and what kind of devotion they have for the country in their heart.

Regarding the ongoing cases and various actions against her family, Priyanka said, ‘I want to tell all this, you file a case, expel us from Parliament, expel us from the house, you call us corrupt, file all the cases, agencies. Send my 75 year old mother to ED for questioning, send my husband, send my brother, send our entire family, we don’t care. Do you know what we see, we see your fear, we see your fear that why are you so afraid of us?

‘If you don’t wake up, you will have to suffer for 5 more years’

Appealing to the people to vote for Congress, Priyanka said, ‘The truth of this country lies in the struggle of the people of this country, which the people of the country have to recognize. You will have to wake up, you will have to wake up, wake up and decide that the government you bring this time will be your government. That will be a government that will work for you, whose plans will be made for you and not for big industrialists. Which will pass your loan, will waive your debts, not just those of big industrialists. You understand that now the time has come. If you do not wake up today, you will have to suffer for 5 more years. You will see good things but your life will not change and I want to ask you, tell me the truth, how much has changed in your life in the last 10 years? Are you happy? Do you want BJP government again? So bring change, make up your mind, don’t get misled by anyone.


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