Divya Khossla’s Emotional Moment


First Ever Show of Upcoming Thriller Savi: Divya Khossla Attends Screening in Indore and Has A Heartwarming Moment

Mumbai: Divya Khossla experienced a deeply emotional moment during the first-ever public screening of her highly anticipated film, Savi, in Indore. Before the lights dimmed and the film began, Divya addressed the packed house, sharing her heartfelt gratitude and excitement.

“We haven’t shown the movie to anyone yet. Even my own family, my dad has not watched the film. You are the first ones to watch it, we have only watched it in the office. I am getting so emotional, I feel like I’m sitting with my family and watching the film. The very first show is happening here tonight with all of you and it is a moment of pride for me. I am very thankful I got to come here and watch it with all of you. I hope you all enjoy it with your family and friends,” Divya expressed.

The excitement was palpable as the audience in Indore became the first to witness Savi, a film that promises to redefine the jailbreak thriller genre. Set to release in cinemas nationwide on May 31st, Savi features Divya Khossla in a never-before-seen avatar, delivering a performance that is both intense and captivating.

An Abhinay Deo film Savi is produced by Mukesh Bhatt, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar, under the banners of Vishesh Films and T-Series. Shiv Chanana and Sakshi Bhatt have joined in as co-producers. The film appears to be a thriller, however, to know what is the story behind a simple housewife landing in jail head to theatres near you on 31st May, 2024.


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