Demanding rights cost Hemant Soren heavy – Kalpana Soren

Kalpana Soren

Sahibganj: Kalpana Soren, who is commanding the campaign on behalf of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, while addressing the election meetings in various areas of Rajmahal parliamentary seat, said that Hemant Soren is in jail today only because he demanded the rights of Jharkhand from the Central Government and Had asked for share.

Implicated in a false case

He further said that his crime was that he was raising his voice for the state’s dues of Rs 1 lakh 36 thousand crore from the Centre. This thing displeased the dictatorial government at the Center and he was implicated in a false case. Kalpana Soren, while addressing more than half a dozen meetings in different areas of Pakur, Barhet, Patna and Sahibganj in the last two days, sought people’s support for JMM candidate Vijay Kumar Hansda from Rajmahal seat.

He said that the entire BJP is scared of the name of Hemant Soren. He took steps towards 27 percent reservation for local people and backward classes, Sarna tribal religion code. When he worked day and night to provide housing, pension and ration to lakhs of people, the BJP got nervous due to the increasing public support towards him.

Tremendous anger of people against BJP
Kalpana Soren said that there is tremendous anger among the people against BJP, which has put Hemant ji in jail as part of a conspiracy. BJP feels that in the absence of Hemant Soren it will easily win the elections. But, they should know that the people themselves are fighting this election for Hemant Soren and the ‘Bharat’ alliance.

He said that he has nothing to do with the land with which Hemant ji’s name is associated. This dictatorial government has to be taught a lesson together. You all have the keys of Hemant ji’s jail. Your every vote will pave the way for his release from jail. Current Rajmahal MP and JMM candidate Vijay Kumar Hansda was also present in the public meetings along with Kalpana Soren.


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