Delhi HC reserves verdict on Gaurav Bhatia defamation case

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has reserved its verdict on the defamation petition filed by senior advocate and BJP leader Gaurav Bhatia against several social media users and YouTube channels.

The case pertains to Bhatia’s claim regarding defamatory material being circulated about him following the incident of assault during the lawyers’ strike at the Gautam Buddha Nagar District and Sessions Court last month.

Senior advocate Sandeep Sethi and advocate Raghav Awasthi appeared before Justice Neena Bansal Krishna on behalf of Bhatia. He informed the court about the damaging impact of certain online videos on Bhatia’s reputation and expressed concern about the videos being posted with alleged malicious intent. He stressed the need for immediate action to reduce the damage caused by this.

The court said it will pronounce the order on April 10. Bhatia drew attention to the abusive tone and content in the video. Particularly noted were instances where the anchor appeared to make fun of his achievements and political affiliations.

He stressed that his reputation earned through hard work and dedication was tarnished due to the inappropriately telecasted content.

Bhatia stressed the need for immediate removal of the video, saying that his reputation was being harmed every moment he was online.

He stressed the responsibility of the media to maintain ethical standards and ensure accurate reporting and regretted the apparent disregard for such principles evident in the video.


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