Cops help recover lost medical report of Cancer patient


Lucknow: Daughters are the pride of a father! Daughters are the smile of the house for which a father is always ready to sacrifice everything! One such poignant example was seen at the Natha Chowki of Thana Naka!

After a lot of hard work, Natha Chowki in-charge Ramkesh Singh and his team recovered the lost blood cancer medical report of Dharmendra’s 5-year-old innocent daughter Anamika, a resident of village Lalapur in Sitapur district, from an auto driver and handed it over to him.

According to the father, he had come to get his daughter treated at Medical College Lucknow. While getting down from the auto near the bus stand, his daughter’s medical report was left in the auto itself. Which the police found and handed over to him.

According to the innocent’s father, the innocent was suffering from fever for a long time. After getting the innocent examined in a private hospital, the doctors had spelt out the symptoms of blood cancer. For the treatment of which he had taken the child to the medical college. His eyes lit up while thanking the police.


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