Computer Science Engineering Department IIT K hosts webinar


Kanpur: IIT Kanpur’s Computer Science Engineering Department is making significant investments in quality education and industry collaborations to ensure that its students are well-equipped to meet the demands of the rapidly growing trends in the job market. Prof. Ashutosh Modi from the CSE Department of IIT Kanpur hosted a webinar answering the trending and highly pertinent question, “Will Artificial Intelligence Really Take Over Our Jobs in the Future?” The webinar was aimed at 12th-grade students, current students, and aspiring professionals, signifying the department’s proactive engagement with current technological issues.

During the webinar, Prof. Ashutosh Modi explored the intricate impact of AI on the job market. Drawing parallels with historical technological revolutions like the Industrial Revolution and the advent of computers, he discussed how AI, instead of outrightly replacing human jobs, will serve as an enabler that enhances human capabilities and efficiency. Generative AI technologies can significantly enhance productivity by enabling professionals to focus on creative and complex tasks.

Professor Modi highlighted how AI is equipped to create new employment opportunities, citing roles such as AI specialists, consultants, and ethics experts. He referenced a statistic indicating that 85% of Indian employers expect AI to generate new jobs over the next five years, specifying the source of this statistic for credibility.

Professor Modi addressed the aspect of ethical considerations throughout the discussion. He noted the importance of developing and deploying AI in alignment with human values and ethics to ensure its responsible use. He highlighted the AI community’s active role in solving the “alignment problem” for appreciating broader AI benefits.

Professor Modi also discussed specific projects he is engaged in with applications of AI, including its use in the legal domain, where AI can help manage the backlog of cases by understanding legal documents and predicting court decisions. Another research area included multimodal understanding and sign language translation, which can significantly improve accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing. This webinar highlighted AI’s significant potential to enhance human abilities and create new opportunities.

IIT Kanpur’s Computer Science Engineering department is preparing students for the evolving technological landscape and innovations by providing them with a strong foundation in AI, ML, and related trending fields, adopting critical thinking, and encouraging hands-on experience through industry collaborations and cutting-edge research initiatives.


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