CMS Open day 4 displays hidden potential

CMS Open day 4

Lucknow: City Montessori School, Aliganj Campus celebrated its CMS Open day 4  at the School Campus with great fervor and joy. The parents were overjoyed to witness the outpour of talent in their wards through cooperative games, self-made exquisite pieces of handicraft, computer, physical music and dance. They expressed their feelings and emotions with great artistic ability through drawings and paintings leaving the spectators awe-struck with their creative abilities and the excellent teaching standards of the school.   The important thing about the celebrations was the wholehearted appreciation of the parents and guardians of children’s efforts at the CMS Open day 4 and the system of Broader and Bolder Educational Pattern exhibited at the function which is followed at CMS. The wonderful mingling of old and traditional ideas with the latest teaching technology and pedagogies was an opener for the eager parents.

The program began with various educational-cultural items, all Religion and World Peace Prayer followed by Yoga, Empowered Learning Space, Traditional Dance, Harmonic Open Choir, Digital Ream Fun, Library Books Bonanza Crafty Artistry Showcase and Peaceful Pottery Play etc. These items were presented enthusiastically by the tiny tots and won the hearts of the parents who were quick to cheer their wards and encourage the fun and learning activities. The function achieved its real grandeur by the exhibition of talents and mass participation of the children in the CMS Open day 4. Principal of CMS Aliganj Campus II, Samvida Adhikari said that these functions bring out the best in children and make them feel a part of the greater whole of school life. Each child gets to perform and showcase his or her talent and potential talents of the future are unleashed at these functions which form an integral part of school education. The Principal expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards the parents and guardians.


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