CM Yogi spends time with tinytots

Gorakhpur: Scenes from Gorakhnath temple became memorable for many devotees and their children. The happiness of local children, children from Bihar and other states receiving the affectionate blessings of Gorakshapeethadhiswar Yogi Adityanath, who is considered to be the most influential Chief Minister of the country was quite a unique spectacle. Calling the children to him and talking to them, the Chief Minister sometimes appeared in the role of a guardian and sometimes that of a friend of ‘innocent minds’. As a guardian, the CM blessed the children for their bright future by caressing their heads, while in the role of a friend, he gifted them chocolates with his own hands.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s love for children is well known. At a time when he has to participate in about half a dozen programs every day due to the Lok Sabha election campaign, there has been no change in his morning routine and natural love for children. Setting aside all protocols, meeting children, teasing them, caressing them, blessing them to study well and not forgetting to gift chocolates has become his specialty.

One by one, he asked everyone their name, where they came from and in which class they study. Some children were local while many had come from Bettiah and Purnia districts of Bihar. The Chief Minister talked to the children very affectionately. He also joked with Pawan, Ashutosh and other children. Not only this, he rubbed his hand on everyone’s forehead and showered love and blessings on them that they should study diligently and move ahead in life.


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