China’s veto move factors in International Justice

Beijing: Tai Ping, charge d’affaires of China’s permanent mission to the United Nations, said at a meeting on the use of veto power in the UN General Assembly that on March 22, China, along with Algeria and Russia, voted against the draft resolution proposed by the US on the status of the Gaza Strip in the Security Council.

China’s decision is based on safeguarding international justice, the purpose and dignity of the UN Charter, and the responsibility and authority of the Security Council. China has also fully taken into account the serious concerns and strong dissatisfaction of the Arab countries on this draft.

According to Tai Ping, since the conflict in the Gaza Strip began, the international community has strongly called for a ceasefire and end to the war and is anxiously awaiting concrete action by the Security Council.

But, as a country with significant influence on the parties concerned, the US has repeatedly prevented the Security Council from speaking on the ceasefire, and has four times vetoed Security Council efforts to promote an immediate ceasefire.

Although the US later presented a draft proposal, the US attempted to set pre-conditions on the main issue of the ceasefire. If the resolution passes, it means that killings and violent activities in violation of international law and international humanitarian law will continue in the Gaza Strip. China did not hesitate to use its veto power against such a draft resolution, which would have serious consequences.


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