Change is only constant in some seats of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: In a huge state like UP, if the mood of the voters remains happy at some places, it does not take time for it to deteriorate at other places. When they get a chance, they teach a lesson to the winning party and make the other one win. From Western UP to Purvanchal, there are many seats where the voters defeated the party which won them in the next election. The one who was defeated had the edge the next time. Here the voters are no longer limited to any one party. That is why these seats cannot become anyone’s stronghold.

Saharanpur – The mood of the voters of Saharanpur keeps changing in every election. This is the reason why voters change their representative in Parliament in every election for the last six elections. BJP won here in 1998. After that BSP won. SP won in 04 elections, BSP in 09, BJP in 14 and BSP won in 19 elections.

Ghosi  elected a new MP every time in seven elections between 1991 and 1919. The winning streak of Kalpanath Rai of Congress started from 1989 and he won the next three elections. The public mood started changing in the 1999 elections and after this new candidates kept winning election after election.

Jaunpur has also been a symbol of change every time. This was seen in the 1977 general elections when BLD’s Yadvendra Dutt Dubey won here. After this, no party got victory twice consecutively. JNP won in 1980, Congress in 1984, BJP in 1989, Janata Dal in 1991, BJP in 1996, SP in 1998, BJP in 1999, SP in 04, BJP in 14 and BSP in 19.

Amroha – In 1998, when BJP’s Chetan Chauhan won, in the next elections the public sent BSP’s Rashid Alvi to Parliament. Independent Harish Nagpal won in 04 and Devendra Nagpal of RLD won in 09. In 19, Kunwar Danish Ali of BSP was victorious.

Lalganj safe – In 1996, the public made Baliram of BSP win. In 1998, Baliram of BSP lost and Inspector Prasad Saroj of SP won. Baliram won in 1999 and SP won in 04. BSP, BJP and BSP won the next three elections respectively.

Moradabad – Last time the voters here had given victory to SP’s ST Hasan. SP had won in 1998, Chandra Vijay Singh of ABLTC had won in 1999, SP had won in 04, Congress had won in 09, and Kunwar Sarvesh of BJP had won in 14.


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