Ukraine supported by global powers puts up a United Front

Ukraine war

Bergenstock: A two-day peace conference was held in Bergenstock, Switzerland, to consider the situations arising out of the 28-month-long Ukraine war. Russia has not been invited to this conference, while China has not participated in it, questioning the legitimacy of the event.

India and South Africa have sent official level representatives, while Brazil has sent observers. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have sent their foreign ministers to the conference. Heads of state, heads of government, representatives and organizations from more than 90 countries are participating in the conference. At the conference, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced $ 1.5 billion for Ukraine’s energy sector and $ 379 million for humanitarian needs.

Zelensky accuses Russia

At the conference, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, Ukraine never wanted war. This is a completely criminal and provocative attack by Russia. Zelensky accused China of trying to reduce the importance of the peace conference. He said that China is making this effort in collaboration with Russia. But China has denied this allegation.

Questions related to peace and security discussed

Leaders of France, Italy, Britain, Canada and Japan are also participating in the conference. Vice President Harris, representing the US President in the conference, has announced economic assistance to Ukraine’s energy sector, which has suffered heavy losses due to Russian attacks.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spoke up

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zarakova has said that President Putin’s proposal is the only way to truly establish peace in Ukraine. Putin had  laid down the condition of Ukraine giving up its claim on its won border areas and withdrawing its application for membership of the military organization NATO to stop the war. Ukraine rejected both these conditions within a few hours. Switzerland President Viola Amhard, who was sitting with him, said that the Ukraine war has brought difficulties beyond imagination. It is also a violation of international law. While German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said, this conference is important in many ways. Questions related to peace and security will be discussed in it.


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