Baloch Liberation Army pushes Pakistan to the edge

Balochistan: The Baloch Liberation Army claimed to have killed over 30 Pakistani soldiers after targeting the country’s second largest naval air station PNS Siddiqui located in Turbat and warned China over its “illegal” settlements and projects in Balochistan.

The organization said in a statement that its Majeed Brigade successfully completed the fifth phase of “Operation Jirpahjag” to “counteract the Baloch genocide” and protect the area from Chinese “occupation and exploitation”.

BLA spokesperson Ziyand Baloch said, “In the fifth phase of Operation Jirpahjag, Majeed Brigade of Baloch Liberation Army attacked the Army-occupied Naval Airbase, PNS Siddiqui, at 10 pm last night (Monday), engaged the enemy till morning and killed thirty Accomplished the objective of the operation by killing more than 100 enemy soldiers.”

The statement came after local media reports in Islamabad said one paramilitary soldier was killed in the attack, while Pakistani security forces retaliated and killed all five attackers.

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that “terrorists” attempted to attack PNS Siddiqui at Turbat and the attack was “faulted” due to the “quick and effective response of troops”.

Baloch said that while carrying out the operation, four fighters of Majeed Brigade were killed, identified as Ayub alias Doda, Khalif alias Islam, Wajid alias Nodan and Murad alias Farhad.


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