Ashutosh Soti: From Professional to Numero Uno Entrepreneur

By Raja Chowdhury

Lucknow: Ashutosh Soti is a brand in himself. He comes out with golden feathers in whichever field he aspires to succeed. The former Public Relations Officer of Uttar Pradesh’s most Prestigious SGPGI has inculcated business forms which are out of the box and implementation of which has become a bit instantly.

It’s not that he just enjoys the reputation overnight. It is his sheer hard work and perseverance which took time and effort to make him what he is today.

Presently, the Founder and Chairman of Meditech Solutions which he started only in 2024, is already among the top rated organisations in the healthcare sector in Uttar Pradesh.

“After taking VRS from SGPGI, I always wanted to enjoy the challenges of the corporate world. So I decided to start from the scratch and as a pilot project Wellsun Medicity was started where I was worked as CEO and then taken over as Director Media & PR. Later on, after gaining experience from my encounter with corporate life, in 2024, I launch the Meditech Solutions, which has the primary job of turning loss making and ill managed hospitals into profit making ventures, and also taking over the management of the hospitals”says Ashutosh.

Ashutosh left Wellsun Medicity with a success story which every individual could be proud about. But that was just the beginning of Ashutosh in the corporate world and later as an entrepreneur.

“Meditech Solutions is just a few months old and due to our core team’s dedication and passion towards work, we have taken over the overall management system of around five hospitals in Lucknow and nearby towns. Interestingly, several others hospitals are in the pipeline,” said ecstatic Ashutosh.

The Meditech Solutions Core team includes highly qualified professionals including Dr Aman Vij, CEO; Arpit Singhal, Director of Technology and Strategic Planning and Dr Gopal Garg, Director Clinical & Research, Ranjit Singh, Sr. Manager HR & Marketing among others.

” Our core job is to study the gap analysis in the working of a hospital and present its report to the management. In many cases, we take over the overall management system of the hospitals to make it into a profitable venture for the owners. This is what we have done in Gorakhpur and Barhalganj hospitals where we took over the management system. We operate the hospital on sustainable and ethical basis which paves a way for the poor and the marginalised population to get medical benefits from these hospitals. Presently, we are serving 750 beds while our target for this financial year is 2500 beds,” said Ashutosh.

If this is not all, Ashutosh and his team believes in philanthropy as well. They organise several camps and free medicine distribution camps in rural UP benefit of which reaches event to the remotest areas near the UP-Nepal borders.

Special camps are organised in Bijnore from where it all began. The birthplace of Ashutosh.

” Through our channel partners we integrate IT with healthcare thus ensuring the best possible consultation available to even the far flung areas. We streamline the hospital operations by integrating several subjects thus turning it into profit making bodies,” ended Ashutosh.

Popularly known as the ‘Helmet man of India’ Ashutosh has also several social projects in mind which can benefit the society at large. One such social initiative is to guide students and young Indians regarding road safety measures an its importance for the families and individuals.


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