As Campaign dust settles, Real Battle begins


New Delhi: Many big announcements have been made in the BJP manifesto. 24 guarantees have been given in the BJP manifesto. These include guarantee of service to poor families, guarantee to middle class, guarantee of empowerment of women power, guarantee of opportunity to youth, guarantee of preference to senior citizens, guarantee of respect to farmers, guarantee of respect to fishermen, guarantee of respect to workers, Guarantee of empowerment of MSMEs, small traders, guarantee of Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas, guarantee of Vishwabandhu Bharat, guarantee of safe India, guarantee of prosperous India, guarantee of making the country a hub of global manufacturing, guarantee of world class infrastructure, ease of living.,

There is also a guarantee of development of heritage, good governance is guaranteed, healthy India is guaranteed, quality education is guaranteed, sports development is guaranteed, technology and innovation is guaranteed, environment friendly India is guaranteed.

Recently, Congress had also released its manifesto in which Congress had announced to give ten justices and 25 guarantees. This includes youth justice, equity justice, women’s justice, farmer’s justice, labor justice, constitutional justice, economic justice, state justice, defense justice, environmental justice.

Major points of BJP’s manifesto-

BJP has announced that 80 crore families will be given the benefit of free ration scheme for five more years.

It has been promised to bring all the elderly above 70 years of age under the Ayushman scheme. Besides, transgenders will also be brought under the ambit of this scheme.

BJP has announced that the scheme to provide permanent house to every poor will continue. So far four crore houses have been built and three crore more houses will be built in the coming days. Now cheap cylinders have been delivered to every home, now cheap cooking gas will be sent to every home through pipes.

BJP has promised to move forward with the promise of one country, one election. Along with this, BJP has also talked about exploring the possibilities of implementing Uniform Civil Code in the interest of the country.

BJP has promised to expand Vande Bharat trains across the country. Three models of Vande Bharat trains will operate in the country, which will include Vande Bharat Sleeper, Vande Bharat Chaircar and Vande Bharat Metro. The work of Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train is almost complete. Bullet train will also be run in North India. Besides, bullet trains will also be run in South India and Eastern India.

BJP has also promised to provide health insurance benefits to everyone. Besides, fishermen will also be given the benefit of health insurance scheme.

BJP said in the manifesto that one crore rural women have been empowered by making them Lakhpati Didi. Now it has been promised to make three crore rural women millionaires.

Hostels will be constructed for working women in industrial and commercial areas, which will also have facilities like crèches.

BJP has promised to expand the Mudra scheme. Under this, the existing credit limit for entrepreneurs in Tarun category who repay the loan on time will be increased to Rs 20 lakh.

Thiruvalluvar Cultural Centers will be set up across the world to promote India’s rich cultural heritage and provide training in Yoga, Ayurveda, Indian languages, classical music.

In the next few years, 5 thousand kilometers of new tracks will be added every year.

In the coming time, all the gram panchayats will be connected to Bharat Net.

For farmers, BJP has announced the launch of an indigenous India Agriculture Satellite for agricultural activities like pesticide use, irrigation, soil quality, weather forecasting.

By starting a new scheme for truck drivers, modern facilities will be developed for them on national highways.

Affordable insurance products will be launched to protect small traders and MSMEs from accidents like fire, theft, natural disasters.

The year 2025 will be celebrated as the Year of Tribal Pride due to the 150th birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda.

10 big things in Congress manifesto

The manifesto of Congress was named Nyay Patra, in which emphasis was given on justice for all classes. This includes women, youth, farmers, poor etc.

  1. Congress announced a nationwide economic-social justice census in its manifesto. Also promised to increase the limit of reservation for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes and poor general category by 50 percent.
  2. Congress has announced to give legal guarantee to the minimum support price declared by the government as per the recommendation of the Swaminathan Commission.


  1. Congress announced the introduction of Apprenticeship Rights Act by replacing the Apprentice Act 1961 to guarantee the first job. Under which every diploma holder or college graduate below 25 years of age will be given one year training in a private or government company. Under the law, the trainee will also be given an honorarium of Rs 1 lakh per year.
  2. Matters of job exam paper leak It has also been promised to set up fast track courts to settle debts and provide financial compensation to the victims. Also, about 30 lakh vacant posts sanctioned at various levels in the Central Government will be filled.
  3. It has been resolved to launch Mahalakshmi Scheme to give Rs 1 lakh per year as unconditional cash transfer to every poor Indian family.
  4. From 2025, 50 percent of central government jobs will be reserved for women. Also, the principle of equal work, equal pay will be implemented for women.
  5. From 2025, women will be given one-third reservation in assemblies.
  6. The Right to Education Act will be amended to make education free and compulsory from Class 1 to Class 12 in government schools.


  1. Congress, in its manifesto, will amend the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution to make a provision for automatic termination of membership of MLAs and MPs who defect.
  2. Police, investigation and intelligence agencies will work according to strict law. It was said in the manifesto of Congress that the unbridled powers which it is currently exercising will be reduced.

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