Alliance Clubs International organizes special award ceremony

Alliance Clubs International

Lucknow: It was the annual convention & award ceremony, celebrating Floral Holi alongside, by Alliance Clubs International, under the leadership of Ally Priyanka Dikshit, President, Lucknow Chapter. Dr. Tripta Kaur Juneja, International President was the Chief Guest along with Dr. Manmeet Singh as the Guest of honour.

An award for every member present, highlighting their contribution was the hallmark of the award ceremony . Lifetime achievement award was given to Dr. M S Bhatnagar, D S Bhatnagar and K K Verma. Dr. Meena Khare and Manjula Khare were awarded Exemplary leader award. Award for exemplary services was given to many. Other categories included Cordial leader award, Enthusiastic leader award etc. Participation award too had many at the receiving end.

Excellence in Overall leadership awards were given in the competitive category. Shikhar and Praveen clubs jointly won the first prize. Kriparth and Nishtha together bagged the second place and Sugandha, Main & Rajshree Clubs jointly received the third prize. Pragati & Adarsh received the consolation prize. Vipul club received a verbal mention. More than 100 awards were given away.

Floral Holi was enthused with colours of Rose and Marigold and made musical with beats of Bharatnatyam by Vaishnavi Mishra and Sound of Music what with some soulful renditions by Hitendra Kumar. Bollywood Numbers playing full blast had the audience swaying at the same time.

And there were “rainbow prince” and “queen of colours”, prizes too. As many as 14 people clad in most colourful and stylish Indian attire were hand picked to give away the prizes. Satish Tiwari was the Rainbow Prince and Seema Bhatnagar the queen of colours. Madhu Bhatnagar, D S Bhatnagar, Arvind Bhatnagar, Seema Bhatnagar, Sanjeev Bhatnagar, Dr. Kirandhir & Sudhir Bhatnagar, Meenu Tomar, Kadambini etc were given away gifts for their Holi Specific get up.

Yet another element of the evening was an important service activity. The organisation gifted a 51 inch LED TV to Basic Education Officer, Sri Ram Pravesh Yadav, to facilitate e-learning for the students of Kasturba Vidyalya.


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