Akhand Pratap Singh aims to cleanse the system

Akhand Pratap Singh

Lucknow: When a journalist enters politics, he is better skilled to address public woes because he has seen societal problems from close quarters. Contesting as an independent, Akhand Pratap Singh is no exception.

Akhand Pratap Singh says – my basic idea of contesting elections is about making an impact in changing the political scenario. Both at the local and the state level. Not just the state, but India at large requires crucial action that can check the way politics is losing credibility without real groundwork, he adds.

Talking of basic needs, he rues politics in the coming times will have to go beyond money and muscle. It will have to lose its old skin of religion, caste and creed based emotive issues. Adding that politicians will have to ensure greater public connect.

He said that now no educated person enters the political arena, we need dynamic changemakers from government offices to private company honchos. Those willing to drive change.

Singh underscores – with my candidature as an Independent, I am also looking at motivating the youth to take the baton forward. As a man driven by the urge to change society, the elite, middle class and the journalist community are strongly backing him.

Singh says – As one aware of the problems that people face, I am eager to work on aspects like boosting employment, improving health system, making sure healthcare is affordable, make standardized fee structure in private schools and help bring about suitably positive change in the economy.

Signing off he says the public must start thinking. They should help in reforming the political scenario of the country and be more aware and take the onus to see a better India in times to come.

He wishes to see Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb bloom, see self reliant MPs, provide free sewing machines to poor and needy women, abate water crisis, provide relief to people living under debt, combat inflation, ease farmer woes among other issues.


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