Activities for ceasefire in Gaza intensify

Washington: Activities for a ceasefire in Gaza have intensified again. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on his eighth visit to Arab countries during the Gaza war. Upon reaching Egypt, he requested Arab countries to put pressure on Hamas for a ceasefire. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden’s peace plan may be discussed and voted upon in the Security Council late on Monday night.

Under this plan, Hamas has to release the hostages and there is to be a ceasefire in Gaza. Blinken said, Hamas has not yet accepted Biden’s three-phase peace plan, while Israel has shown a soft stance on this plan. Hamas has said that Blinken’s remarks are in favor of Israel.

Israeli attacks continue in Gaza amid talks

Meanwhile, Israeli attacks continue in Gaza. 700 people injured in Saturday’s attack in the Nusrat refugee area are in a bad condition in hospitals. Due to lack of adequate medical facilities, the treatment of these injured is becoming difficult. The chances of survival of many of them are diminishing. The total number of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks in Gaza on Monday has increased to 37,124.

Hezbollah shot down Israeli drone

It is reported that the Israeli drone sent for attack in Lebanon has been shot down. The Israeli army has confirmed that the drone was shot down by Hezbollah fighters with a missile. Meanwhile, Hezbollah has claimed drone attacks on Israeli military bases located in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. It has been said that the Israeli army has suffered losses in these attacks.


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