Acid test for Mohammad Muizzu as Maldives votes

Mohammad Muizzu

Male: Voting will be held for parliamentary elections in Maldives . In these elections, President Mohammad Muizzu will be tested by fire because he had adopted anti-India policy. The eyes of not only the people of the country but also of the people all over the world are focused on these elections. Therefore, the results of these elections are not going to be so easy.

Many challenges before Mohammad Muizzu

According to Maldives Election Commission, voting will be held  on 93 seats in the country. More than 2,84,663 voters will cast their votes at 602 polling stations. At least 368 candidates are in the fray for one seat in the legislature.

There has been a lot of fragmentation in the political landscape of Maldives since the presidential elections last year. Former President Mohammed Nasheed and his supporters left the then ruling MDP to form the Democrats. At the same time, differences between former President Abdullah Yameen and Muizzu deepened.

Muizzu’s decision to expel Indian military personnel from Maldives is being widely criticized within the country. Therefore, regarding the parliamentary elections, it is expected that the main opposition and pro-India party Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) will get majority.

According to MDP leader and former Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid, his party is hopeful of victory. He says that the Muizzu administration has failed in both domestic and foreign policies in the last five months. Former President of the United Nations General Assembly Shahid said that Muizzu came to power by spreading lies and hatred and all development projects were stopped. Muizzu, a China supporter who raised anti-India slogans, had defeated Ibrahim Solih in the presidential elections held last year.


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