Abhishek Banerjee, an actor the world knows for his brilliance

Mumbai: Abhishek Banerjee – A name who started with TVF’s Pitchers has become one of the finest actors in India today known for his roles of Bhati in Pitchers, Jaana in Stree, Compounder in Mirzapur and Hathoda Tyagi in Pataal Lok!

Abhishek Banerjee is one of the actors who was introduced to the world with his character named ‘Bhati’ from TVF Pitchers. Well, it was indeed one of his initial performances in the realm of entertainment. While this was the time when Abhishek came in front of the audience, he further went on to deliver many amazing performances proving his mettle as an actor.

One scene from TVF Pitchers that went viral in no time was the iconic ‘Tu Beer Hai’, delivered by Abhishek Banerjee in the show. The show indeed received unanimous love and Abhishek’s dialogue became one of the major highlights. Further to this, Abhishek has delivered some really amazing performances with his characters becoming significant things for the film or web show. Be it, Bhati in Pitchers, Jaana in Stree, Compounder in Mirzapur, Jaffa in Rana Naidu, Shahrukh in Dream Girl 2, and Hathoda Tyagi in Pataal Lok, Abhishek has always justified his role by proving what a brilliant versatile actor he is. Moreover, it is worth noting that, Abhsihek’s character of Jaana is a significant part of Dinesh Vijan’s horror comedy universe with his character being the only link between both the films, Stree and Bhediya.

As the audience, we have witnessed the emergence of a new actor called Abhishek Banerjee with time. However, that was just the beginning Abhishek could ask for because, after this, he went on to deliver bundles of amazing performances.


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