Weather plays spoilsport in North India

Lucknow: The whole of North India is in the grip of intense heat these days. Most of the states of India are experiencing extreme heat. The worst situation is in North-West India. Where scorching fire is wreaking havoc on the common man. It is becoming difficult for people to leave their homes after 9 am. At the same time, the mercury has crossed 47 degrees in Delhi-UP.

On Friday, the heat broke all records in the capital Delhi. On Friday, the maximum temperature in Najafgarh reached 47.4 degrees Celsius. Which was the highest in any part of the country on Friday. With this, the record of the last 14 years was broken. At the same time, the temperature in Sirsa, Haryana reached 47.1 degrees Celsius on Friday. While Agra in Uttar Pradesh was the hottest on Friday. The maximum temperature here was recorded at 46.9 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has issued a heat wave alert in many states for the next five days.

Heat Wave Alert: These states will still experience severe heat

According to IMD, mercury was recorded above 45 degrees at 8 places in Delhi, 2 in Punjab, 19 in Rajasthan, 18 in Haryana. In view of the effect of severe heat, the Meteorological Department has issued a red alert regarding extremely severe heat in western Rajasthan. At the same time, an orange alert has been issued due to the possibility of severe heat in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Eastern Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Bihar. The Meteorological Department says that newborns, elderly, chronically ill people and weak persons need more care during the summer season.

Severe heat in the north, rain alert in the west

According to the Meteorological Department, severe heat will continue to wreak havoc in eastern and central India apart from the plains of North-West India for the next five days. At the same time, heavy rains in South India are likely to disrupt life. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of heavy rains along with thunderstorms in most parts of South India till May 23.


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