Women to drive government policy in India – PM Modi

Narendra Modi

Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with women in his parliamentary constituency Kashi on Tuesday. Addressing the ‘Nari Shakti Samvad’ at Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that for the first time in ten years, our mothers, sisters and women have come to the center of government policies and decisions.

This is a big factor in India’s success story

The Prime Minister said, “This is a big factor in India’s success story. When the House cannot function without you, then how can the country function without you. Governments could not understand this for 60 years.” PM Modi said that in Kashi, Baba Vishwanath rules, but the system is run by Maa Annapurna. He said, “This is the first time that we have come to Kashi without the company of our mother. Maa Ganga is now our mother.”

The Prime Minister said, “I said this because earlier Maa Ganga had called me to Kashi. Now Maa Ganga has adopted me. The presence of so many women is overwhelming me. No matter how busy I am in the party’s campaign, I am not worried about Banaras, because all of you should take care of your health, no matter how much work you do, drink plenty of water.”

This is the first government that has worried about the respect of women

PM Modi said that for the first time such a government has come to the Center which has worried about the respect of women. They have been given respectable homes. People used to joke that Modi keeps talking about toilets. We have built 11 crore toilets. My sisters and daughters needed it very much. Modi opened accounts of poor women without spending a single rupee, so that the money they get is safe. More than four crore houses were built, but they were registered in the name of women, so that crores of mothers can become the mistress of the house. This was not just a scheme, it gave new confidence to Nari Shakti. This was my mission and thinking.

Every family will get 75 thousand for solar panel

PM Modi said that PM Suryaghar Free Electricity Scheme has been started a few months ago. Solar plants have been installed in more than two thousand houses in Banaras. This is saving two to two and a half thousand rupees per month in electricity bill, that is, 25-30 thousand rupees per year. It will be expanded after the formation of a new government after June 4. Every family will be given 75 thousand rupees for solar panel, due to which the electricity bill will become zero.


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