Video game freaks gear up for a joyride

Lucknow: India’s video game industry is growing very fast, as many games for PC consoles and mobile devices have come to the Indian market and many new games are also coming. In the coming time, India’s gaming industry can also become the world’s largest gaming industry.

Keeping in mind the increasing demand for video games in India, developers are working on many new games, some of which are going to be launched in the coming few weeks. Here’s a snapshot about 5 such video games, which are going to be launched in the next few weeks.


If you are looking for a horror video game then your search is about to end. 6 May 2024 A new video game named Kamla is starting in India. This video is about Indian style Bhoot i.e. horror game. In this, gamers will have to survive till the end by avoiding the ghosts. However, the quality and content of the game will be known only after the game is released. The game is the brainchild of Mad Mantra Games.

Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers
From the developers of Crimson Tactics: The Rise of the White Banner, Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers is a “fast-paced, roguelite, bullet haven game” with a sci-fi setting. The title from Black March Studios will launch on May 7, 2024, so it looks like the Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers game will also be launching soon.

This is also a fun game, which is going to be released in India on 9 May 2024. It is a solo game created by developer Pratik Jadhwani. This means that this game has been created by only one person, Prateek Jadhwani. In this game, gamers get a chance to live a slice of life. Players take on the role of a vampire who awakens from a deep sleep and must now adapt to the modern world. This will entail roaming around the city, doing chores, meeting new people, repairing the castle, going fishing and much more.

Detective dotson
If you follow Indian video games then you must have heard about this game. Mashala Games has created this new game Detective Dotson. This is the first game created by Mashala Games. In this, gamers work as a detective and solve a murder mystery. This game can be launched after the third quarter of 2024 i.e. June 2024.

Laser tank
This video game named Laser Tank has been created by AbhitechGames. This is a top down shooter game. In this, gamers fight alien monsters using laser tanks. In this, gamers get a chance to use many types of modern weapons. The release date of this game has not been revealed yet, but it is being said that it will be released for PC this year.


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