Varanasi’s Lab Mitra experiment now a pan U.P. affair

Varanasi: Patients should not have to visit government medical units for pathology tests and their reports. In view of this, an initiative named ‘Lab Mitra’ was started in Varanasi in March last year with the efforts of the district administration and health department and with the cooperation of HDFC Bank and Three Eye Consulting Institute. This model was completely successful. Based on this model, recently this service has been started in the name of ‘Lab Report’ in all the districts of the state.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary said that patients should not have to stand in line for their pathology test reports. For this, ‘Lab Mitra’ was started, whose positive results are being seen in the entire state today. This model of Kashi is now in the entire state. It is a strong online platform. This facility is being provided in 19 medical units including all government hospitals and Community Health Centers (CHC) in the district.

The CMO said that after getting the test done in the pathology of government hospitals, now the patients do not need to stand in line the next day to get the report. Patients can see the report of any type of investigation on their mobile sitting at home. This system is being operated to save crowd and time.

The CMO said that from April 2023 till now, more than one and a half lakh patients have taken advantage of the ‘Lab Mitra’ report. District Advisor (Tobacco Control Cell) Dr. Saurabh Singh and Project Coordinator Ashutosh Singh have been given the responsibility to maintain coordination regarding the Lab Mitra facility available at all government medical units.

Project Coordinator Ashutosh Singh said that using the ‘Lab Mitra’ portal, patients coming to the government hospital are registered for laboratory tests as per the doctor’s prescription and after the test, the system generates an online report which is sent in a link format on text message to the patient’s phone number. By clicking on this link, the patient can get his complete lab test report.

The facility is available in the district

DDU Government Hospital, SSPG Divisional Hospital, District Women’s Hospital, LBS Hospital Ramnagar, SVM Government Bhelupur, Urban CHC Durgakund, Urban CHC Sarnath, CHC Cholapur, CHC Misirpur (Kashi Vidyapeeth), CHC Hathi Bazar (Sevapuri), CHC Narpatpur (Chiraigaon), Urban CHC Chowkaghat, Urban CHC Kashi Vidyapeeth, CHC Gangapur (Pindra), CHC Araziline, Urban CHC Shivpur, CHC Biranvkot (Badagaon), CHC Gajokhar, CHC Fuari Kala.


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