‘UP Model’ has become a model for other states in the Jal Jeevan Mission

Lucknow: The Yogi government of UP has outperformed other major states in providing tap water connections to households not only in terms of number, but also in terms of affordability.

The ‘UP model’, driven by the double-engine government, distributes tap water to maximum households, making it the best among other notable states. Due to the policies of the double-engine government, it costs approximately Rs. 59,000 to provide tap connections to each family in UP.

In contrast, the expenditure in other states, even with fewer connections, was significantly higher.

UP provided tap connections to the common people at the most economical cost. This achievement can be attributed to the Yogi government’s transparent POLICIES and the region’s favorable geographical location.

Additionally, the reliance on solar energy for over 80 percent of schemes in Uttar Pradesh significantly contributed to this success. Solar energy reduced maintenance costs, further enhancing the initiative’s efficiency.

In Uttar Pradesh, preparations are being made rapidly to supply the cheapest water shortly.

The biggest reason is that around 80 percent of the schemes here depend on solar power. This will reduce the electricity cost.

Under the Jal Jeevan Mission, around 32930 solar-based schemes are running in Uttar Pradesh to provide tap water to households. The remaining 40591 schemes are being run on electricity.

Pure drinking water is being supplied to 2,23,66,237 families through solar-based projects, while currently, water is being provided to 36,65,080 families through electricity.

Providing water to Vindhya and Bundelkhand has been a top priority for the Yogi government. With Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s relentless pursuit, tap water connections reached approximately 98 percent of Vindhya-Bundelkhand region.

The year 2024 was historic for the region, which previously suffered from water shortages. This summer, Vindhya-Bundelkhand experienced no water scarcity and no protests or tanker gatherings for drinking water.

This improvement was due to the adequate water supply provided to the villages under the Jal Jeevan Mission.


State      Households covered by tap connection         Cost (per household)

Uttar Pradesh      26031317                       59706

Maharashtra       9827937                          62601

Himachal Pradesh 946006                         65543

Uttarakhand      1323739                           71231

Madhya Pradesh 9827551                          75117

Kerala           5416785                                79224

Karnataka         7663623                             86152

Rajasthan        9521118                               87489

Jammu & Kashmir   1296169                     100510

Arunachal Pradesh   205770                        228454


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