Unique installation at Ekana sends out a strong message


Lucknow: SBI Life Insurance, one of the country’s most trusted private life insurers, along with Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), inaugurated the spectacular larger-than-life helmet installation at the Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium. This stadium is the home ground of the team in Lucknow.

This helmet installation has a height of 27 feet and width of 34 feet and is prominently placed at the main entrance of the stadium, which is a beautiful sight for the visiting cricket lovers and the large population of the city.

The objective of creating helmet frames on such a grand scale is to increase awareness about the need and importance of life insurance by promoting progressive dialogue about the importance of safety on and off the field. Capturing the attention of cricket lovers, this unique structure aims to convey to the residents of Lucknow city that ‘Nothing is greater than the protection of life’. Through this, emphasis has been laid on protecting life with necessary security from uncertainty.

Speaking at the unveiling of the giant helmet were  Ravindra Sharma, Head of Brand, Corporate Communication and CSR, SBI Life Insurance,  Salmantaj Zafar Taj Patil, DCP Traffic, Lucknow;  Kamlesh Kumar Dixit, DCP Women Crime Security, Lucknow;  Rahul Rahi, Regional Director-Lucknow, SBI Life Insurance and Keshav Maharaj, LSG players and other respected dignitaries were present.

Being the Official Lead Helmet Partner of Lucknow Super Giants, SBI Life aims to draw the parallel between the protective function of helmets on the cricket field and the important role of insurance in safeguarding the financial future of people and their loved ones off the field. Is. Helmets protect the player from any possible failure on the field so that they can play with confidence and achieve their team’s goal without worrying about the risk. Similarly, life insurance plays a helpful role, helping people fulfill their dreams and aspirations with confidence while safeguarding the needs of their loved ones in case of an unexpected event.

Commenting on the initiative,  Ravindra Sharma, Head, Brand, Corporate Communication and CSR, SBI Life Insurance said, “The massive (‘larger-than-life’) helmet installation at the Ekana Cricket Stadium will educate cricket lovers about the concept of safety. It makes a difference and will help in starting an important dialogue in Lucknow. It embodies the message of ‘Nothing is more important than the protection of life’, which reflects our brand purpose of liberating people to pursue their dreams while taking care of family responsibilities. Cricket is not just a game, rather it is a blend of historical, cultural, economic and emotional factors and thus provides an opportunity to connect with the great fans of this wonderful game and highlight the importance of safety both on and off the field. Promotes meaningful communication. To increase penetration in India with the current rate of insurance, it is important to continue our efforts to raise awareness about the need and importance of insurance to build a secure financial future. Our collaboration with LSG is an effort to foster meaningful engagement with cricket fans across the country and free them to pursue their passion.”

He further added, “We believe this collaboration clearly demonstrates the synergy between the importance of insurance and helmets and highlights the importance of safety both on and off the field. We are excited about our journey with Lucknow Super Giants and look forward to a season full of exhilarating performances. We are promoting insurance awareness across the country and we hope that inspired by our efforts, cricket lovers will take steps to secure the future of their loved ones through life insurance.

Helmets are one of the most visible elements in cricket and this provides an extraordinary opportunity for SBI Life to symbolically emphasize its commitment to safety and drive positive change, especially among cricket fans across the country. Is. Just as a helmet protects a player from risks on the field, life insurance provides financial security, giving people the means to pursue their dreams without any interruption.


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