U.P. Minister calls for maximum plantation of trees

plantation of trees

Lucknow: Urban Development and Energy Minister of Uttar Pradesh,  A.K. Sharma said that to save the citizens of the whole country from problems like global warming and environmental imbalance, the  Prime Minister has made an innovative call to plant trees this time with the slogan “Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam”.

In this regard, all the Municipal Commissioners and Executive Officers should ensure maximum plantation of trees during the state-wide massive plantation campaign on July 20 to increase greenery, beautify, enhance the quality of life, improve the environment and urban environment in their respective bodies.

For this, get trees planted on vacant land lying along the roads and footpaths of the cities, parks, gardens, Amrit Sarovars, cleaned garbage sites (GvPs). Green corridors should also be made in the cities and theme parks, Nakshatra Van, Ayush Van, Upvan, Miyawaki Park can also be developed along with plantation.

He said that there are still 14 days left in the campaign, during this time, preparations for the upcoming plantation should be completed by marking the places and establishing coordination with the Forest and Environment Department. Plantation should be done properly in all the bodies and the maintenance of the planted saplings should also be done with full responsibility. This time 35 lakh saplings are to be planted in the cities, for this the cooperation of voluntary organizations, business establishments and citizens should also be taken.

Urban Development Minister  AK Sharma was reviewing the preparations for plantation to be done in urban bodies with Minister of State for Forest and Environment (Independent Charge) Dr. Arun Kumar Saxena at the field hostel ‘Sangam’ of Jal Nigam on Thursday. During this, officials of the Urban Development Department and Forest and Environment Department were present. The Urban Development Minister assured Forest Minister  Saxena that all the bodies will participate in plantation with great enthusiasm this time.

He said that 50 percent of the state’s population lives in the bodies. The bodies contribute 60 to 65 percent to the GDP of the state, where all efforts are being made to provide better facilities to the citizens.

On this occasion, Minister of State for Forest and Environment (Independent Charge), Dr. Arun Kumar Saxena said that with the inspiration of the  Prime Minister and the efforts of the  Chief Minister, the state is moving towards becoming Green UP and Green City. A massive tree plantation program is to be organized across the state on 20 July this year.

Tree plantation is very important to protect the people of the state from heatwave and severe heat. Increasing afforestation in the state will provide a clean and healthy environment to the coming generation and will also help in reducing the effect of carbon dioxide. He said that urban bodies have a lot of vacant space, where plants can be planted. Plant all types of plants.

Also take everyone’s cooperation in plantation. This time, definitely plant a tree in the name of ‘Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam’. He said that along with planting trees, make every effort to save trees. The state government will also run a tree conservation campaign in the future.

Additional Chief Secretary Forest and Environment Manoj Kumar Singh said that on the call of the  Prime Minister, the state government is running a tree plantation campaign this time on the slogan ‘Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam’. A target of planting 35 crore saplings has been set in the entire state.

Planting of these plants will reduce carbon emissions. 82 percent of the pits have been dug in the entire state for plantation. The department has 54 crore plants available in the nursery. Everyone will get plants free of cost for plantation. Fruitful, shady, decorative, timber plants are available in the department. Plants will be made available as per the demand of districts and departments. People will also be made aware to preserve the planted plants.

Principal Secretary Urban Development Amrit Abhijat said that cleanliness and marking of places is being done in all the bodies for the upcoming plantation program. The Urban Development Department has been given the target of planting 35 lakh saplings this time, for which preparations are being made. With the increase in greenery in the cities, urban life will get a pollution-free and healthy environment.

He informed that apart from the plantation campaign, efforts are being made to increase greenery in urban bodies. For this, attention is being paid to the beautification of parks and maintenance of gardens. Miyawaki parks have been built in Ghaziabad, Agra, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Mathura, Prayagraj, Aligarh, Kanpur, Saharanpur, Shahjahanpur of the state and a total of 197,500 saplings of neem, peepal, banyan, jamun, shahjan etc. were planted in these parks, which increased the beauty of these cities and people also feel happy by visiting these parks. Efforts are being made to build similar parks in other bodies as well.

Secretary Urban Development  Ajay Kumar Shukla, Director Urban Bodies  Anuj Kumar Jha, Forest Department officials Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Sanjay Srivastava, Special Secretary of Urban Development and senior officers of Urban Directorate were present in the meeting. All the Municipal Commissioners and Executive Officers of the bodies and District Officers of Forest and Environment Department participated virtually.


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