Sunita Williams inching closer to her target

Washington: Boeing Starliner’s first crew mission is successfully heading towards the International Space Station (ISS). It has Indian-origin American astronauts Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore on board. This information was given by NASA on Thursday.

This space capsule carrying NASA astronauts is expected to reach the Orbiting Space Laboratories by 9:45 pm on Thursday.

The US space agency further said that the Starliner will dock at the space station Harmony module.

Sunita was selected as an astronaut by NASA in 1998. So far she has gone to space twice. This is the third time Sunita has gone on a space trip.

The US space agency has informed that Sunita Williams has maintained the record of doing the most spacewalks so far with a total record of 50 hours and 40 minutes. Earlier, Peggy Whitson had surpassed it with 10 spacewalks.

Sunita has also held the post of US Navy Captain and has spent a total of 322 days in space so far.

The purpose of the Starliner mission is to carry astronauts and cargo to low Earth orbit for NASA’s future missions.

The purpose of this space flight is also to prove that spacecraft can easily go to and return from the space station in a planned manner.


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