Strategy Making continues as BJP aims 400 plus

Lucknow: A meeting of the Lok Sabha Steering Committee and councilors was held at Halwasiya Court in Hazratganj, Lucknow. In which former Deputy Chief Minister Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Rajya Sabha MP Ashok Bajpai, Lucknow Metropolitan President Anand Dwivedi, senior BJP leader Neeraj Singh, MLC and Lok Sabha Steering Committee Convener Mukesh Sharma and Mayor Sushma Kharkwal reviewed the Lok Sabha election preparations and decided the upcoming action plan.

Former Deputy Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Dinesh Sharma said that party officials and workers should hold separate meetings with various business, social organizations and committees and motivate them to vote in favor of their candidate. It is also the responsibility of the councilors to take the public welfare schemes of the Center and the State to every home. The councilors should work in the ward with full responsibility and vote more in the Lok Sabha elections than in their Municipal Corporation elections and work to make the Lok Sabha candidate Rajnath Singh victorious with huge votes.

Lucknow Metropolitan President Anand Dwivedi said that councilors will play an important role in the Lok Sabha elections. Emphasis has been laid on booths in every ward and concern has to be given to increasing the vote percentage at every booth. Along with distribution of leaflets along with workers, they put up flags in every house along with stickers, during Navratri Mahila Morcha workers go to temples, jagrans and kirtans and contact women and create a BJP-like atmosphere.

Senior BJP leader Neeraj Singh said that a large number of people have benefited from all the public welfare schemes of the Central and State Government, the account of which has to reach the public. Even in the Lucknow parliamentary constituency, unprecedented development work has been done by the country’s famous Defense Minister and popular MP from Lucknow, Rajnath Singh. They also have to reach the public. On 14th April, a booth president conference is being organized on a large scale in CMS Gomti Extension. Responsibility for whose preparations was also ensured.

Lok Sabha election coordinator Mukesh Sharma received information about the implementation of the tasks assigned to the steering committee members. In the councilor meeting, it was suggested that each councilor should appoint two workers in his ward and review the work related to the Lok Sabha elections with them.

Media in-charge Praveen Garg said that after the meetings, a workshop of the speakers selected for the Nukkad Sabha was also organized. In which it was ensured that every time by organizing street meetings at 324 Shakti Kendras of Lucknow Lok Sabha, the people of the area would be informed about the work done by the government and MP Rajnath Singh. Rakesh Srivastava, General Secretary Pushkar Shukla, Anjani Srivastava, Rajneesh Gupta, Ramesh Toofani, Sushil Tiwari Pammi, Ramashankar Rajput were mainly present in the meetings.


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