Skin is a reflection of the body – Dr. Suyash Singh Tomar

Lucknow: Located in the heart of Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow, Dermax Skin Clinic has proudly completed two years of exemplary service under the leadership of renowned dermatologist, Dr. Suyash Singh Tomar. The facility under Dr. Tomar has delivered exceptional diagnostic, therapeutic, and aesthetic solutions for a wide range of dermatological concerns.

From common skin conditions to complex dermatological diseases, Dermax Skin Clinic has established itself as a trusted destination for comprehensive skincare. Dr Suyash Singh Tomar is efficiently running the Dermax Skin Clinic which deals with skin, hair and other aesthetics. It is widely popular among the city dwellers. Dr. Suyash originally hails from MP. He started working on his professional career from 2010. He did his MBBS from SS Medical College Rewa, He says he did his PG dermatology as the field always attracted him. Dr Suyash in his own words felt that the field was in vogue then and he took up this field. He did his MD from Government Medical College Nagpur. He later on went on to do his SRship. He did his fellowship from Chandigarh at Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology Chandigarh.

He shifted back to Lucknow to serve as an assistant professor in a medical college then eventually opened clinic in 2022. By god’s grace in two years Dr. Suyash Singh Tomar has done a record 5000 consultations and is now upbeat about the future. Speaking to The Lucknow Tribune, Dr. Tomar said – Skin is a reflection of the human body. The gut, respiratory system and even the blood when not in proper state have an impact on the skin. The skin is the largest organ and it is also the first level of Defence, which prevents infection. In terms of aesthetics with western culture fast creeping into Indian society, the race to look good is now even more important. As a warning Dr. Tomar says that self treatment should be avoided and proper consultation at the right time can curb any kind of damage.

Recalling his work during the pandemic, Dr. Tomar beams with a sense of pride. He adds that as a health worker I had a major role to play in helping patients with their skin issues. A lot of them he treated online. A lot of the patients during COVID faced the issue of acne because of the constant use of masks. He said post COVID, the problem of alopecia and hair fall was a constant irritant.

So what does one do to keep things proper he says maintain a good life style, have a good balanced diet, exercise, stay hydrated, protect from the Sun, ensure proper cleaning, apply sunscreen, make use of moisturizer, and make it a habit to consult a dermatologist whenever a sign of skin infection crops up. Teenage skin issues often call for consultation. He said among the myriad problems that one faces our fungal infection, acne, hair loss, scarring, pigmentation and other problems due to hot and humid weather.

When asked how can one steer clear of skin problems the doctor said – you should protect the skin from sun, use good moisturisation, do proper cleansing, stay well hydrated, avoid occupational irritants and chemicals, timely treatment and avoid self medication and consult a qualified dermatologist who is an MD/DVD/DNB degree in Dermatology and has at least 10 years of training under his belt. The doctor said that 4% of the Global burden of skin disease is in India.

A Gold Medalist in his academic domain, Dr Suyash Singh Tomar is well received for a wide ranging facilities on offer, which includes – treatment of all skin hair & nail disorders, Chemical Peels, Anti Ageing Treatment, PRP Treatment, Surgical Excision, Vitiligo Surgery, Skin Biopsy, Microneedling, Cryotherapy, Laser Hair Removal, Botox/Fillers among a wide gamut of procedures. So just in case you want to reachout. From May 1st to May 15th, patients can avail themselves of up to 25% off on all treatments.


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