Samajwadi Party sparks an ugly Sengol debate

Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given a sharp reaction to the comment of Samajwadi Party leaders on Sengol. CM Yogi posted on X and wrote that it shows the ignorance of SP leaders.

CM Yogi posted on X

Chief Minister Yogi wrote that Samajwadi Party has no respect for Indian history and culture. The comments of their top leaders on Sengol are reprehensible. It shows their ignorance. It also shows the hatred of the Indy Alliance towards Tamil culture in particular. Sengol is the pride of India. It is an honor that PM Modi gave it the highest honor in Parliament.

In fact, the Samajwadi Party has said that the Constitution should be kept in the Parliament House by removing Sengol. SP MP RK Chaudhary has demanded to remove Sengol and keep the Constitution. He said that the Constitution is a symbol of democracy. The BJP government led by Prime Minister Modi has installed Sengol in Parliament. Sengol means ‘Raj-Dand’ or King’s stick.

The SP MP said that the country became independent after the monarchy was abolished. He asked whether the country will be run by the king’s stick or the Constitution? Along with this, he has demanded that Sengol be removed from the Parliament to save the Constitution.


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