PM Narendra Modi takes a jibe at Lalu in Jamui

Patna: PM Modi said that during the time of arrogant coalition leaders, only dilapidated trains ran. But now, like the entire country, people of Bihar are also traveling in Vande Bharat train. He said that what has happened in 10 years is just a trailor, a lot still needs to be done.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Democratic Alliance (NDA)’s Lok Sabha election campaign in Bihar with a rally. The rally held in Jamui is his first campaign program in the state after the announcement of elections. He said that today the crowd that has gathered on this land of Jamui is telling what is the mood of the people. This noise raised in favor of BJP and NDA from Jamui is echoing in Bihar as well as in the entire country.

He said that today we all are feeling a lack from this platform. For us, this is the first such election when Padma Bhushan awardee Ram Vilas Paswan ji, the son of Bihar, beloved of the Dalits and the underprivileged and my best friend, is not among us. I am satisfied that my younger brother Chirag Paswan is taking forward Ram Vilas ji’s idea with full seriousness.

Narendra Modi said that the land of Bihar has been showing direction to the entire country. This land of Bihar has played a huge role in the freedom struggle and in strengthening the foundation of independent India. But unfortunately after independence, justice could not be done to the potential of Bihar. The NDA alliance has brought Bihar out of a big quagmire with great effort.

He said that today’s India shows direction to the world. Now the world is watching how India’s reputation and status has increased in just 10 years. He said that those who get land registered from poor youth in the name of recruitment in Railways can never do any good to the youth of Bihar.

The Prime Minister said that on one side there is the NDA government, which talks about setting up new industries. On the other hand, there are these people, whose identity has been in the kidnapping industry. He said that on one side there is the NDA government, which talks about solar power and LED lights. On the other hand, these are the arrogant coalition people, who want to keep Bihar in the Lantern era. He said that the 500 year old dream of Ram temple has been fulfilled in our government, whereas RJD-Congress had put in all their strength to ensure that Ram temple is not built. Even today these people ridicule and insult the Ram temple.

Modi alleged that whether it is Congress or RJD… they have insulted Bihar and Bihari pride at every opportunity. It was Congress and RJD which had insulted Karpoori Thakur. Just some time ago, our government gave Bharat Ratna to Gaurav Karpoori Thakur of Bihar, even then these people opposed it.


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