Plants are helpful in providing a climate useful for life

Lucknow: On the occasion of World Environment Day (05 June), the Director and Additional Director of the Directorate of Urban Bodies of the state planted neem, pomegranate, guava and mango saplings and also appealed for their protection. On this occasion, Director Nitin Bansal said that World Environment Day inspires us to plant trees to protect the environment and balance the rising temperature of the earth. He said that it is very important for the present generation to provide a safe and healthy environment to the future generation. We are all making an important contribution by planting trees in the campaign being run by the state government for forest and environment conservation. He also administered an oath to the officers and employees present to protect the environment. He said that planting trees alone will not suffice, but their care is also necessary. Complete protection of plants is necessary. Only then will they prove useful for all of us and we will also remain healthy. Took a pledge to save nature from global warming.

Additional Director Ritu Suhas said that along with planting trees, its conservation is also very important. The way we plant trees together, in the same way we should also pay full attention to its maintenance. We should celebrate the anniversary of the trees planted by us every year. This helps in planting new trees as well as preserving the planted trees. He said that the youth of any country as citizens of the country are the biggest hope to bring positive changes in the environment full of pollution and global warming. Every citizen must plant at least one tree in his life to keep his environment clean.

On this occasion, Assistant Director Girish Dwivedi, Assistant Director (Accounts) Akhil Singh, Swachh Bharat Mission Urban team and other officers and employees were present.


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