Opposition parties spreading confusion says AK Sharma

AK Sharma

Mau: Mau’s Son of  soil, Urban Development and Energy Minister AK Sharma appealed to vote for the stick symbol by doing public connect in Dharouli village, Pakri Khurd of Ghosi assembly constituency, Baragaon in Muhammadabad Gohna assembly constituency and Kajakhurd in favour of NDA candidate Dr Arvind Rajbhar of Ghosi Lok Sabha constituency. He said that the opposition parties are only working to spoil your vote by spreading confusion. He said that a right decision secures our future, our children’s future as well as the country’s future.

Cabinet Minister AK Sharma said this while addressing the workers and the public in the Janchaupal organised in favour of NDA candidate Dr Arvind Rajbhar from Ghosi Lok Sabha constituency. He (AK Sharma) said that in the last 6 decades, the government of opposition parties remained in the centre. No one gave you free food, no housing, no toilets, no work was done to secure the present or the future. Even if they did, they developed only their family and their relatives.

Since 2014, PM Modi  has brought 25 crore people out of poverty line by giving them the benefit of important schemes like food, housing, toilets, Ayushman. Therefore, we have to vote for the NDA alliance’s young candidate Arvind Rajbhar in the Delhi Parliament for personal development and to secure the future of our coming generations, not on the basis of caste and religion, and take advantage of the schemes there and develop ourselves and our district. If Arvind Rajbhar can save anything, your son Arvind Sharma is with you for that, you just need to say it once.

Minister  Sharma (AK Sharma) said that some people have got houses here. Those who have not got it yet, their survey has been done and after the elections they will also get housing. He said that the NDA alliance party has been in power in the state for 4 times. During his tenure, he only worked to protect and strengthen the goons and mafia. You all will remember that before 2017, Mau and every district of Purvanchal were under the control of different mafias.

Ever since Yogi  took over the command of the state, he started the process of ending the empire of the mafia. Today you yourself are seeing that Mau is not known by the name of mafia, but by the name of Mau Mahadev. Every district of Purvanchal is moving ahead on the path of development. To continue this development, NDA candidate from Ghosi Lok Sabha seat Dr. Arvind Rajbhar has to press the button of the stick symbol and win with a huge number of votes and make Ghosi also bloom a lotus flower in Modi’s garland.

In the Jan Chaupal, Rajiv Tarara, MLA Dhanaura, Virendra Rai, Addashankar Mishra, Block Pramukh, Munna Gupta, Chairman, Girish Rai, Councilor Nagendra Kumar, BJP leader Yogendra Nath Rai, Suraj Rai, Satyendra Raj, Vipin Rai along with a large number of workers and local people were present.


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