Only a Rambhakt to rule throne of Delhi – CM Yogi

Gorakhpur: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) calling Congress and Samajwadi Party as Ramdrohi (traitors of Ram) said that the Lok Sabha elections are between Rambhakts and Ramdrohis. According to the CM, on one side there are people who deny Lord Ram, shoot at Rambhakts, make Ram temple useless, and on the other side there are people who end the wait of five hundred years and install Lord Ramlala in his grand temple. Ram temple is a symbol of eternal faith of entire India, that is why today only one voice is being heard in the whole country, “Only Rambhakt will rule on the throne of Delhi”. The people of the country will send Congress and SP, who are walking on the path of appeasement, to a place where no one will remember them.

CM Yogi (CM Yogi) was addressing an election rally in favour of Gorakhpur Lok Sabha constituency MP and BJP candidate Ravi Kishan Shukla in PPganj on Tuesday morning. The Chief Minister said that wherever he went in the country for campaigning in this election, people were found giving full support to Modi ji everywhere. Only one voice is resonating from every area that we will bring those who have brought Ram. The Chief Minister said that the Ram temple which is a matter of pride for the people of the entire India, Congress says that this temple should not have been built, it has sent a wrong message to the world. Whereas Samajwadi Party says that Ram temple has been built uselessly. Attacking Congress-SP for these statements, CM Yogi said that Ram temple has been built properly but the minds of the people who are calling Ram temple useless are filled with straw.

He said that this election has gone between Ram devotees and Ram traitors. On one side are Ram traitors who oppose Ram and Ram temple. On the other side are Ram devotees who serve Ram, who have ended the period of waiting of 500 years to enthrone Ram Lalla. These are the Ram devotees who got the international airport built in the name of Maharishi Valmiki in Ayodhya before Ram Lalla was enthralled, got a waiting room built in the name of Shri Ram’s friend Nishadraj, got a restaurant built in the name of Mata Shabari. These are the Ram devotees who installed the 56 feet tall statue of Nishadraj in Prayagraj, give full respect to Nishadraj. The Chief Minister said that in such a situation, no follower of Nishadraj can stand with the Ram traitors. He said that the people who got the Ram devotees shot during the elections will try to throw dust in your eyes today, but do not get misled.

Ram traitors suffer misfortune, Ram devotees make them progress
CM Yogi said that the Ram traitor has never been able to sit in peace. No matter how big he is, how powerful he is, he has definitely suffered misfortune, he has definitely fallen. He said that while Ram devotees focus on progress with the blessings of the Lord. Today Ram devotees are working for the development of the country, to build two-lane to twelve-lane roads, to build AIIMS, medical colleges, IITs, IIMs, airports, to provide tap water to every house, for industrialization. Rambhakt Modi government built houses for four crore poor people, those who are left will get them after the government is formed after June 4. Ayushman Yojana for the treatment of the poor, free LPG connection under Ujjwala Yojana for freedom from smoke is the gift of Rambhakt government. He said that when the government of Rambhakts will be formed again on June 4, Ayushman card will be made available to every person above 70 years of age.

Veer Bahadur Singh was a Ram Bhakt, Congress removed him from the post of CM for this reason
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) said that Congress removed late Veer Bahadur Singh from the post of CM because late Veer Bahadur Singh was a Ram Bhakt. He had contributed in opening the lock of Ram temple in Ayodhya. That is why he was removed from the post of Chief Minister.

Everyone knows the reality of Congress-SP rule
The Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that on one hand there are works done by Ram Bhakts and on the other hand everyone knows what used to happen during the rule of Ram traitors. He said that when Samajwadi Party was in power in the state and Congress was in power at the centre, the poor used to die of hunger, farmers used to commit suicide, youth used to migrate, daughters and businessmen were not safe. The poor did not get houses, there was no provision for water, the innocent used to die in agony due to diseases like encephalitis. Terrorist incidents used to happen.

The attack on Ram temple in Ayodhya and Sankatmochan temple in Varanasi happened during Samajwadi Party’s government. Terrorist blasts in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad happened during Congress government. Yogi Adityanath said that incidents used to happen continuously then and we used to raise issues in Parliament. Congress government used to say that terrorists are from across the border. The Chief Minister said that today terrorism and Naxalism have ended under the leadership of Modi ji. Today India’s respect has increased in the world, terrorism, Naxalism have ended, so all this is the contribution of Modi ji.

The country will run on the basis of Baba Saheb’s constitution, not personal law.

CM Yogi said that on one side there is Modi government which is making the country safe and strong and is setting new standards in the world, while on the other side there is the alliance of Congress and SP which is conspiring against India. It has been said in their manifesto that if they come to power, they will implement personal law. Personal law means Talibani rule in which daughters cannot go to school, women cannot go to the market, they will have to stay inside the house wearing burqa.

The Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that this country will run on the basis of the constitution made by Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar.

BJP is committed to the fact that under no circumstances will Congress and SP be allowed to tamper with Baba Saheb’s constitution. CM Yogi said that Congress and SP want to get power so that if they win, they will loot together. If they win, they will give the right of reservation of backward and scheduled castes to Muslims. This will never happen. Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar had said that can there not be reservation on the basis of religion.

Mentioned his emotional connection with PPganj area

CM Yogi started his address by mentioning his emotional connection with PPganj area. Said that PPganj has been the karmabhoomi of former Chief Minister Late Veer Bahadur Singh. Along with this, it is also the junction of former Paniara and Maniram assembly constituencies where Late Veer Bahadur Singh used to represent from one side and his revered Gurudev Mahant Avedyanath Ji Maharaj from the other side. The Chief Minister said that both these great men have worked to bring change in the lives of the people here by connecting this land with the mainstream of development.

Children enjoyed joking with CM Yogi
CM said that the people of the area are his family and he does not wish to give a formal speech here. When he comes here, he only feels the struggle made by the people and the changes that came as a result. He likes coming here again and again. It feels good to see strong, shining two-lane, four-lane roads in place of broken and bad roads before 2017. It feels good to see schools, inter colleges, degree colleges, stadiums, flood protection facilities in the area. He feels good to see people getting benefits from these facilities.

CM said emotionally, lotus election symbol is enough
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said emotionally that he knows the mind of the people of this area, so he has come here only to mark his presence. Lotus election symbol is enough for the people here. There is no other possibility except lotus. The people here have made me an MP five times and in the last election, elected Ravi Kishan Shukla as MP. He said that he is confident that the people of the area are going to make Ravi Kishan an MP with a huge majority.

The Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that this year is special for us. The movement which started from Gorakhpur in 1949 and 1983, in 1986 when late Veer Bahadur Singh was the Chief Minister of the state, the lock of the temple was opened. Today when Lord Shri Ramlala has been enthroned at that place, Gorakhpur should get record votes in the elections to be held that year. For this, the Chief Minister appealed to every person to contact at least 10 families for the next three days and get all their votes cast by 10 am on the day of voting.

On this occasion, MP and BJP candidate Ravi Kishan Shukla, BJP State Vice President and MLC Dr. Dharmendra Singh, District President Yudhishthir Singh, Dumariyaganj MP and candidate Jagdambika Pal, MLC Salil Vishnoi, Campierganj MLA Fateh Bahadur Singh, UP Cooperative Bank Chairman Jitendra Bahadur Singh, Ashwani Tripathi, Ramakant Nishad, Vijay Shankar Yadav, Brijesh Yadav, Ashwani Jaiswal, Sanjay Singh Gorakh Singh, Laxman Vishwakarma, Mrityunjay Singh, Brijbhushan Mishra, Mahendra Mishra, Maksudan Mishra etc were also prominently present.


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