Only a lotus can boost the prestige of India – AK Sharma

Lucknow/Ballia: By making lotus bloom in both the Lok Sabha seats of Ballia, we have to increase the prestige of the entire country. We have to make Modi the Prime Minister again by making BJP win. BJP is necessary for the overall development of the country and the respect and security of the countrymen.

The State’s  Cabinet Minister AK Sharma, during his one-day visit to Ballia, encouraged the officials and workers in the booth president conference organized in favor of BJP candidates Ravindra Kushwaha and Neeraj Shekhar in Lok Sabha 71 Salempur and Lok Sabha 72 Ballia Sadar. He said that by blooming lotus on both the Lok Sabha seats of Ballia, the name of the district has to be brightened in the entire country.

State Energy and Urban Development Minister AK Sharma, while addressing the booth presidents and workers, said that they should be in constant touch with the voters by mentioning their mobile numbers in front of all the names written on the page. And ensure that they do not go out of their booth or assembly constituency on the day of voting and work to strengthen democracy by voting 100 percent.

He said that the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister have made successful efforts to fulfill their responsibilities by providing facilities to the people of the country through various schemes. The National President and the entire Working Committee have completed their work by giving energetic and dedicated candidates to the public interest in your Lok Sabha constituencies. Now the entire responsibility of this fight is on all of you.

All of you presidents should strengthen your booths by getting 100 percent voting. The coming 20 days are very important for all of you. He said that Ballia is the land of warriors. There is no dearth of enthusiasm here. Along with strengthening our booths, ensuring 100% voting, we also have to make the voters aware of the confusion being spread by the opposition and bring the corrupt mentality of the opposition in front of the public.

He said that recently SP advisor Professor Ram Gopal had given a statement regarding the issue of Ram temple. This statement of Professor Ram Gopal reveals the mentality of him and his team. I replied to him and said that the structure of Ram temple was fine at the time when the Mughal invaders had razed the Shri Ram temple of Ayodhya. He said that whatever was said about Lord Shri Ram temple proves that it neither belongs to Ram nor to Gopal. He neither did any work for the Ram temple nor did any work for Gopal’s cows. He is an advisor to SP President Akhilesh and also an uncle of his family.

He said that with such grandeur, divinity and mythology, Shri Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha has been consecrated. It was accomplished with the leadership, presence of the Prime Minister and the blessings of sages and saints, which not only the country but the whole world witnessed. The whole world appreciated this work. But the people of this family did not like this act of glory of the country. It is not understood who gave them the right to raise questions on this historical work of our Sanatan Dharma.

People of the entire country must consider their intentions. He said that when the door frame of Ram temple would have been trampled under the feet of the Mughals, their horses would have trampled Ayodhya, the people of Ayodhya and the residents of that area would have been subjected to severe torture, then the architecture there would have become good, then the geography there would have become better. And the map would also have been better.

The Saifai family are people with absolutely Sultani and Mughlai thinking and understanding, it is not appropriate to pay attention to their words. The Sanatani and religion loving people of India are understanding all these tricks. These are neither going to be Ram’s nor Gopal’s. Not only this, he was not going to be of Ram devotees as well as of the general public, he was only of his family, and will remain of the family only. They cannot even dream of doing good for the country and the state outside their family.

Minister AK Sharma said that therefore you need to be careful. He said that just as the British had exploited the people of our country, similarly the governments of the opposition parties have also exploited our poor people. The opposition had affected the level of education in the country in such a way that to improve it, the BJP governments have done a lot of work to improve the quality of education in the country and the state.

He said that both Neeraj Shekhar and Ravindra Kushwaha are distinguished and very polite and cooperative public representatives of your district. You have to fill their bags and take them to Lok Sabha and take the development of Ballia to its peak. Both your leaders are always concerned about you and the development of your area.

He said that under the leadership of Modi, 80 crore people got free ration and this will continue for the next 05 years. 04 crore people got houses and 03 crore more houses will be given in the coming years. People in the age group of 70 years are being given the facility of Ayushman card for free treatment. Many important facilities like toilet and gas cylinder have been found. To continue getting these facilities, you all have to unite and press the lotus button and make BJP win and make Modi  the Prime Minister once again. He said that all the workers should wake up in the morning and go out on Prabhat Pheri and tell the public about the schemes and benefits of the Modi government and also make them aware of the misconceptions and lies being spread by the opposition.

Also, bring the truth before the public about the confusion being spread in the name of reservation. Modi  wants ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’. Modi ji is well-wisher of the poor and weaker sections. They cannot win by telling the truth so they are trying to spoil your votes by lying. With BJP government coming to power, it is in the interest of the country and the interest of Purvanchal.

Minister  Sharma said that he got a call from the Electricity Minister and he said that what help do you need from us to supply 24 hours electricity. This is the benefit of the double engine government.

Therefore, we all have to unite and tell the public about the policies of the BJP government, expose the lies of the opposition to the public and destroy their intentions.

During the program, a large number of workers and officials including Regional President Sahajanand Rai, Sanjay Yadav District President, Upendra Tiwari, former minister, MLA Anupam Tiwari, Rajiv Mohan Chaudhary, Chandragupta, Anjani Rai, Rajan Singh, Arun Kumar were present.


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