Nuclear option will hopefully never arise says Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he does not see any threat to Russia’s sovereignty at the moment. If Russia ever feels such a threat, it will not refrain from using nuclear weapons. For this, weapons targeting Western countries will be deployed at designated sites without delay.

Putin said this at the International Economic Forum meeting in St. Petersburg. He said, the situation of using nuclear weapons arises in very unusual cases. He is confident that such a situation will never arise. Earlier, Putin had made it clear that if the weapons being sent to Ukraine by Western countries pose a threat to its sovereignty, then Russia will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons and in such a situation there will be a risk of global instability.

Biden expressed regret to Zelensky

US President Joe Biden has expressed regret to Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky for the delay in getting weapons and other assistance to Ukraine. Biden said, Ukraine is getting delayed in getting this assistance due to delay in approval from the US Parliament. It is known that due to shortage of arms and ammunition, the Ukrainian army is constantly retreating from the battlefield in front of the Russian army. Both the leaders met in Paris on Friday.


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