Northern Railway Lucknow Division established a new record- DRM

Lucknow: The Northern Railway Lucknow Division has surpassed its revenue target for the financial year 2023-24 despite cancellation of trains due to yard re-modeling works in Varanasi and doubling works in Barabanki-Ayodhya-Zaffarabad section.

Total Revenue: (Total Revenue)

• The total revenue generated by the Board in this financial year is Rs. Rs 2225.09 crore. The target set for which is Rs. 7.44% more than 2071.06 crore and the revenue of the last financial year was Rs. It is 12.39% more than Rs 1979.87 crore.

• Through ticket checking in the financial year 2023-24,. Revenue of Rs 59.31 crore was achieved.

Other notable performances:

• Best ever cement loading 434.5 rakes this year compared to 368.5 rakes last year.

• Best ever sugar loading 26 rakes this year compared to 22 rakes last year.

• Best ever coal loading 91 rakes this year compared to 36 rakes last year.

• Best ever piecemeal loading 4866 wagons this year compared to 393 wagons last year.

Some Best ever performances

• In comparison to the last 10 years, in the year 2023-24 Rs. Best ever total revenue of Rs 2225.09 crore achieved (Target Rs 2071.06 crore)

• In comparison to the last 10 years, in the year 2023-24 Rs. Best ever passenger revenue of Rs 1591.27 crore achieved (Target Rs 1519.71 crore)

• In comparison to the last 10 years, in the year 2023-24 Rs. Best ever other coaching revenue of Rs 104.48 crore achieved (Target Rs 90.28 crore)

• Best ever merchandise revenue of Rs. 475.68 crore achieved in the year 2023-24 as compared to last 10 years (target Rs. 380.17 crore)

New Initiatives

• Passenger facilities, ticketing facilities, catering stalls etc. have been increased for the pilgrims arriving at Ayodhya Dham, Ayodhya Cantt, Darshan Nagar and Salarpur and provision of passenger amenities including better cleanliness and housekeeping, cloakroom and other facilities has been made.

• Providing assistance to passengers of Aastha special trains in more than 10 regional languages by operating Aastha Command and Call Center 24×7.

speed power unit

• An MoU was signed with Uttar Pradesh State Bridge Corporation on the basis of single unit construction for the construction of overhead bridges on 08 level casings of Ayodhya area whose TUV was higher. Of these, the upper bridge No. 111B was dedicated to the nation by the Honorable Prime Minister on 26/2/2024 for passenger traffic. Apart from this, the overhead bridge constructed on level crossing 112 has also been opened for passenger traffic. The work of remaining 06 overhead bridges is in progress.

• In view of Mahakumbh-2025, construction of 08 upward/downward bridges in Prayagraj area for the convenience of devotees/passengers traffic with State Bridge Corporation. Shared single. To be done on cost basis, work of which is in progress.

• In the context of Mission Raftaar, to increase the speed of Lucknow-Kanpur section, which is currently maximum 110 km per hour, to 160 km per hour, upward and downward bridges are being constructed at 22 level crossing gates, the work of which is in progress. .

• Under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, 40 stations of Lucknow Division, NR have been selected as Amrit stations, which will be provided with new decoration, construction/reconstruction of excellent station building, better passenger facilities, necessary facilities for the disabled, lifts/escalators, It will be improved by electronic display, circulating area, parking system etc. An agency has been identified for work at these stations. work in progress.

Engineering Department

• During the year 2023-2024, the work of doubling of 151.36 km railway line and renewal of 118.31 km railway track was completed in Lucknow division.

• During the year 2023-2024, the speed limit of Loop Line at stations in 412 km section in Lucknow division was increased from 15 Kmph to 30 Kmph.

• During the year 2023-2024, a total of 16 level crossings in Lucknow division were closed by making rail over and under bridges (ROB & RUB).

• During the year 2023-2024, 29.40 km of safety fencing was constructed along the railway line for the protection of the railway track in Lucknow division.

• During the year 2023-2024, the work of deep screening of ballast of 300.10 km railway track and 168 Points & Crossings was completed by machines in Lucknow division.

• During the year 2023-2024, upgrades of switches at 217 turnouts in Lucknow division were done through thick web switches.

• During the year 2023-2024, Railways earned a total revenue of Rs 48.04 crore from the disposal of 15577 metric tonnes of track scrap in Lucknow division and a total revenue of Rs 18.50 crore from licensing of railway land etc.

• During the year 2023-2024, 250 lakh trees were planted in Lucknow division.

Achievements of Operating Department

The division set a record by performing brilliantly in the field of freight loading and against the target of 5.00 million tonnes, it was successful in loading 5.18 million tonnes, the brief details of which are as follows:-

• Fertilizer:- 2.57 million tonnes have been loaded this year as compared to 2.56 million tonnes last year.

• Cement:- 1.27 million tonnes have been loaded this year as compared to 0.98 million tonnes last year.

• Public Food Grains (PFG):- 0.27 mill last year

Compared to 0.26 million tonnes this year.

• Balances Other Goods (BOG):- 1.08 million tonnes this year compared to 0.90 million tonnes last year.

• Sugar:- 26 rakes have been produced this year as compared to 22 rakes last year.

• Coal:- 91 rakes have been supplied this year as compared to 36 rakes last year.

• Piecemeal: Loading of 4866 wagons (116 rakes) has been done this year as compared to 393 wagons last year.

Other notable performances:–

• Best ever cement loading has been done this year at 434.5 rakes as compared to 368.5 rakes last year.

• Best ever sugar loading has been done this year at 26 rakes as compared to 22 rakes last year.

• Best ever coal loading has been done this year with 91 rakes compared to 36 rakes last year.

• Best ever piecemeal loading of 4866 wagons has been done this year as compared to 393 wagons last year.

Barabanki Yard-Remodeling:-

• Barabanki Yard-Remodeling work was completed on 15.01.2024.

Special Trains:-

• A total of 15 special trains (08 inbound and 07 inbound) have been run for Ayodhya in the month of January 2024.

• Keeping in view the facilities of railway passengers, 419 Aastha special trains (213 inbound and 206 outbound) and 11 Magh Mela special trains have been operated by Lucknow Division in the month of February 2024.

• Lucknow Division ran 18 special trains (08 special trains on 17.02.2024 and 10 special trains on 18.02.2024) for Uttar Pradesh Police Constable Exam 2024.

• In the month of February, Madiyahu station on 07.02.2024 and Jalalpurghai stations on 22.02.2024 have been upgraded from Standard 1 to Standard-2 with electronic interlocking.

• Dalmau station has been upgraded from Standard-1 to Standard-2 with electronic interlocking on 20.03.2024 in the month of March.

• On 09.01.2024, Lucknow Division has set the record of 08 hours 10 minutes for down through goods to reach DDU from Alamnagar in the shortest time.

• Lucknow Division has dispatched 39 goods trains with 08 long haul from DDU (ECR) on 10.01.2024.

• Lucknow Division achieved 100% interchange on 15.01.2024 in which 26 BOXNE were transported from Alamnagar to DDU, (despite several disruptions in operations such as fog at 40 stations, Tulsi Nagar-Malipur Jafarganj, Ayodhya-Ayodhya Dham Junction -There were many obstacles like block for non-interlock work at Salarpur, Patranga-Daryabad stations and inspection of Barabanki-Rasauli section by Railway Safety Commissioner).

Achievements of Electricity Department

• Keeping in view the extra rush of Aastha special services at AY, AYC, DRG & SLRP stations, wiring and lighting were provided in the tents set up in the circulating areas and provision of adequate number of mobile charging points at passenger shelters and stations and Geysers and bathing rooms were made in the tents and in the bathing rooms for the use of the passengers/devotees and for the staff deployed for the operation of Aastha trains.

• For attractive look, provision of color changing dynamic facade lighting has been made on the station buildings of Ayodhya Dham station and Ayodhya Cantt stations.

• Electrical Wiring and UPS work at Aastha Control Center and Integrated Command Control Center including supply and backup of telecom facilities at AY and ensuring passenger amenities like escalators and lifts and smooth power backup facilities at the station including DG sets, UPS and inverters. Was ensured.

• During the year 2023-24, 11 escalators were installed on the new FOB number 3 of Varanasi station, 04 escalators on the new FOB of LKO station, 02 escalators on the concourse of Ayodhya Dham station and 02 escalators on the FOB of platform number 1 were installed for the passengers.

A solar plant of 100 Kwp capacity has been installed at BSB station, taking the total capacity of solar plants in the division to 3221 KWp, due to which about 20 lakh units are being produced annually, thereby saving railway revenue.

• To facilitate Mission Raftaar, shifting work of 11KV HT cable at Charbagh station was completed within the stipulated time limit.

• Better lighting system in 21 stations of the division including AY, AYC, DRG SLRP, JNU, JOP, SKN, CIL, ANTU, ZBD and better lighting system improvement work in VYN, SOP, SLN, SHG, AMG and MLJ Goods sheds. Power supply backup arrangement has been completed through provision of inverters at 38 railway stations.

Achievements of S&T Department

• New coach guidance display board system installed at PF- 1 and PF-2 of Salarpur station, PF-1 and PF-2 of Darshan Nagar station and PF-No. 1, PF-2 and PF-3 of Ayodhya Dham station. Is.

• A total of 342 new CCTVs including AYC station (80), 211 at AY station, SLRP (25) and DRG (26) were installed to monitor passengers.

• A total of 50 new UTS cum PRS / UTS / PRS counter connectivity was provided in Salarpur (05), Darshannagar (05), Ayodhya Cantt (16), Ayodhya Dham (24) and 10 at Ayodhya Cantt station and 10 at Ayodhya Dham station. Number of new ATVM connectivity provided.

• Provision for electronic interlocking signaling has been made at 26 stations of LKO Division.

Traction Distribution (TRD)

• This year till December-2023, savings of Rs 222.19 crore for Lucknow division were achieved through open access.

• OHE failure in the year 2023-24

There was a decrease of 21.57% compared to 2022-23.

• All OHE jumpers (No. 16778) of TRD Lucknow Division have been thoroughly checked for any defects and tightness.

accounting department

• Lucknow Division increased its income by 13.08% in FY 23-24 compared to FY 22-23.

• Against the original budget allocation of Rs 609.12/- crore, an amount of Rs 1150.07/- crore was spent on infrastructure projects, Rs 263.33 crore on passenger amenities, Rs 539.29/- crore on track renewal to improve the safety of train operations. Rs 228.99/- crore spent on LC manning and road safety works.

• Revision of pension cases has been 100% completed.

Personnel Department

• 3368 employees were promoted in the year 2023-24.

• Grievance redressal camps were organized by the employees and officers of the Personnel Department at 25 different stations in which the complaints of the employees were promptly redressed and voter camps, base camps and medical camps were also organized at different stations.

• The leave of about 18699 employees has been updated on the leave module of HRMS by the Department of Personnel.

• About 2050 candidates have been appointed by the Recruitment Section under the On-Board module of HRMS in the year 2023-24.

medical Department

Total surgeries – 836 (Major – 316, Minor – 520)

Total CT scans – 1777 done

• On 13.09.2023, digital X-ray system was installed in the divisional hospital.

• Under HMIS QMS, 16 smart display units were installed in OPD and dispensary area.

• Opening of renovated critical care ward.

• Opening of 8 bedded health unit with modern equipment in Ayodhya Cantt.

• 01 first aid posts each were established in AY, AYC, DRG & SLRP of Ayodhya area.


A total of 193 cases were registered against the brokers involved in black marketing of railway tickets under Section 143 of the Railway Act, 218 outsiders were arrested and legal action was taken and 858 future tickets worth Rs 1589409 were recovered, which is less than the previous year’s total. is the highest in comparison.

A total of 8021 cases have been registered under the Railway Act and legal action has been taken against 7673 persons and a fine of Rs 63,57,380 has been imposed, in which a total of 2300 cases have been registered against illegal vendors/hawkers under Section 144 and 2297 persons have been arrested, which is the same as last year. Is higher than in years.

By taking legal action in 141 cases against those who stole or illegally kept railway property, a total of 217 persons were arrested and railway property worth Rs. 1125859 was also recovered from them, which is much more as compared to previous years. I

Under the Little Angel, commendable work is done to reunite children who have run away from home or are separated from their homes and are found at the railway border, with their families. In the year 2023-24, a total of 275 children, the highest compared to previous years, have been sent to R.S.B. Lucknow Mandal has done a commendable job of reuniting those who have run away or been separated from their homes with their families.

In the year 2023-24, a total of 07 persons were rescued by the Board and a total of 04 human traffickers were arrested and handed over to the concerned department for legal action.

For the safety of women traveling alone in railway trains, teams named Meri Saheli have been formed at different stations in Lucknow division in which RPF officers are deployed. The female staff visits the women traveling alone to ensure that their journey is safe.

In the year 2023-24, R.S.B. Lucknow Division, while taking action against the persons carrying drugs (NDPS Act) and prohibited items, caught a total of 29 cases and handed them over to the concerned department for taking legal action against a total of 35 persons. In which R.S.B. A total of Rs 5558360/- worth of banned and narcotic substances (Ganja, Hashish, Opium, banned cigarettes, liquor, weapons etc.) have been seized and recovered.

A large number of Aastha special vehicles were run to transport the devotees from different parts of the country, which helped in controlling the huge crowd of devotees coming to Ayodhya and ensuring that there was no damage to the Aastha special vehicles and their successful operation. .B. Had a very important contribution.

Diesel Shed, Alambagh

• Fog light modification is being done to increase the visibility range in rainy and foggy weather conditions to enhance passenger safety.

• DGA machine was commissioned in diesel shed on 16.09.23, this machine is a microprocessor based gas chromatograph suitable for the analysis of organic and inorganic dissolved gases in transformer oil.

• Diesel Shed Alambagh Civil Defense personnel at Ayodhya Dham station were actively engaged in preventing crowding and providing assistance to passengers.

store department

• Finalization of contract for manpower and outcome related services was completed by GEM for Rs. 17.48/- crore.

• Materials worth Rs 18.65/- crore were purchased by GEM as non-stock items demanded by various departments of the division and Rs 7.38/- crore were purchased by Indian Railways e-Procurement System.

• A total of 1137 units of abandoned structures were successfully auctioned by the Board through e-auction and an income of Rs 6.05/- crore was earned through this process.

• It is noteworthy that the Board has set a target of Rs 75/- crore (13000 MT) in the field of scrap sales.

Earned railway income of Rs 76.40/- crore (14165 metric tonnes) more than the target.

• Due to the joint efforts of GEM and CRIS, invoicing and billing of GEM service contract was done 100% successfully. Due to which the bills are being settled quickly and transparently. Sellers are also satisfied with this process. It is noteworthy that Lucknow division is the first division to implement this process in Northern Railway.

• Due to its excellent working system, the store department of the division has had the honor of winning the shield of the General Manager Award for the financial year 2022 – 2023.


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